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22 Jul

Update on carbon wheels I am now building - clincher OEM rims 50mm deep 25mm wide

Posted by Francis Borg

 Since January I have been riding this bike on these wheels. The rims are an import from the land that make everyone's carbon fibre products- china. Some are skeptical of Chinese carbon but these rims are as good as anything else from a branded name. The clincher rims are 25mm wide at the brake track, 26mm wide at the widest point and are 50mm deep with a "toroidal" profile. 23mm conti GP4000s tyres 23mm come up at 26mm but I have Vittoria Open Corsa on at present to get more clearance on the rear tyre.


The wheels are built up with Miche Primato hubs in a 20F/24R spoke count with Sapim CX-ray spokes. Weight of the the wheels is 1650g. Lighter hubs could have been used to save 100g or more but they cost more and I simply wanted to test the rims with a durable hubset. The rims are 500g each so not as heavy as some with this width and depth.


How do they ride? Well grip in the bends is something else. Tyres on wide rims always give improved grip but as the internal width is really wide it is even better than the same tyres on Pacenti SL23 rims (or is that in my mind). Ride quality is excellent a noticable improvement over narrower rims in fact it is almost tubular like- almost not quite.

I have raced these in strong winds and they are stable well as stable as a deep carbon rim can be. I have hit some big holes one in race pack caused a double blow out and wrecked the tyres but the rims are unaffected. So far I have only 1500 miles on them so early days but the signs are all good. Oh no detectable rim wear yet either. I do ride in suffolk and have not tried them on long decdents and I don't intend to as for me carbon clinchers no matter who makes them are not for that kind of riding, what happens if it rains and you have to brake for that harpin - it will kind of ruin the ride.


I really think the offerings from roval, vison, mavic, e.t.c are not any better as they rely on narrow rims. Some of the factory offering use fancy brake track treatments  but with the Campagnolo carbon pads the braking on these is excellent and predictable. The best thing is the build I have is only £700 with free spokes for the life of the rim/repairs if they are needed and full back up on rim should the worst happen. This is how confident I am about them.


I also offer Novatec A291/F482 hubs, White Industries T11's, or Royce hubs as well as the Miche Primato's.


Photo: Vittoria Open Corsa tyres now in stock. If you have a clearance issue with Continental GP4000s and I have on the Sannino the Open Corsa tyre solves this as they come up a bit smaller. So these 23mm tyres on 25mm wide rims come up at 25mm and are not as tall. First ride impressions are very good - so smooth. I will racing on them on Wednesday or should I say getting dropped as that is how it seems to be going at present.



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