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Product Image Tektro Spyre road/CX mechanical disc brake calipers and rotors

Tektro/TRP Spyre brake caliper Post mount


The Tekro Spyre post mount disc brake is compatible with drop bar brake levers designed for cantilver, centrepull or single/dual pivot calipers.

The Tektro Spyre is a mechanical disc brake that offers superior performance and is a snap to set up. The Tektro Spyre is a dual sided mechanical disc brake caliper where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This translates into even pad wear and, with the addition of a simple cable barrel adjuster, the pads can be adjusted easily and hassle free. No frustration at completely adjusting the whole caliper, only to have it continue to drag the fixed side, adding wear! All of this in a incredibly thin 40mm wide,  162g (alloy caliper) slender package that works with any Shimano/SRAM drop bar levers on the market. 

-Dual sided actuation.

-Even pad wear

-Easy adjustment and set up

-We HIGHLY recommend compressionless housing buy here

-EBC's Shimano M525/M515 compatible brake pad are here. These pads last longer and offer better braking performance to the stock pads. 

Compatibale with Shimano and Sram brake levers. Campagnolo brake levers will actuate the caliper but you will have a hard lever requiring more hand effort to brake. 

- Compound works well in dry conditions but may wear quickly in wet/muddy conditions. Sintered pads for wet/winter use are available.

The caliper fits the front or rear mounts and is  gloss black with silver actuation arm.

Provided is the caliper only. TRP RotorsIS to post mount adapters and post mount to post mount adapaters can be found in the links. 




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