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Product Image IRC Tanken Enduro tyre

IRC Tanken Enduro tyre


The Tanken enduro tire is built for long downhill runs and windy single track. Just hop on and ride. The big knobby block tread provides traction in soft dirt and mud so you don’t have to worry about terrain. Carry more speed into the turns. Aggressive side blocks hook up when cornering and dare you to push harder. Lean in. Alternating rows of vertical and horizontal blocks gives lateral traction on off-camber surfaces. Grip the trail. The Tanken is made with a low rebound compound that absorbs bumps to keep you attached to the ground when the trail gets rough.

  • Low-Rebound high-grip Compound
  • 60TPI casing
  • Big Shoulders Hook Up When Cornering Hard
  • Alternating Rows of Vertical and Horizontal Blocks Gives Lateral Traction on Off-Camber Surfaces 
  • Sidewall protection provides stiffness and exceptional durability

Combine with PTN Rokkline for the unbeatable tubeless set up.

27.5"x2.3" ARAMID 30–40 965g
27.5"x2.6" ARAMID 30–40 1000g
27.5"x2.8" ARAMID 30–40 1085g
29"x2.3" ARAMID 30–40 1020g
29"x2.6" ARAMID 30–40 1055g

up. PTN Rokkline attracts a 16% discount when bought with the Taken tyre.

Available in 27.5" in 2.3", 2.6" and 2.8" sizes. 29x 2.3" and 29x2.6" sizes 


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