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Product Image BORG31 all weather aero wheelset

BORG31 all weather aero wheelset


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The BORG31 wheelset is a semi aero, very stiff wheelset based on a wide rim which is perfect for all weather training use, road racing or CX use. The rim is 31mm deep, 24mm wide with a 19mm internal width. The rear rim is offset (asymmetric) which increases non drive spoke tension. This is useful way of increasing spoke life. These wheels are very stiff but are comfortable. They will provide secure handling and you will enjoy them. They also offer a aero benefit comparable to some deeper carbon rims.


  • A robust all weather race orientated wheelset.
  • Big cartridge bearing hubs
  • 31mm deep.
  • 24mm wide tubeless tyre ready rims (tubed tyre compatible too).
  • Stiff yet comfortable.
  • Triple butted Sapim aero spokes.
  • Shimano8/9/10/11 speed, SRAM AXS 12 speed or Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehub.

  • Life if the rim warranty.
  • Weight from 1655g

The Cycle Clinic recommends you pick one of the IRC tubeless tyres which we will fit for you and provide all the guidance and support you need to start using tubeless tyres. These tyres can give stellar mileages, they are that good and yet provide the secure handling and comfort you want. 

The wheels are properly tubeless compatible. Tubeless tyres inflate with a floor pump (IRC tyres do) and remain securely seated with no air present.

This is a all weather aero wheelset for training and racing. Tubeless tyre compatibility is perfect for all conditions. If you want to know more about tubeless tyres just ask. Personally I don't ride with inner tubes any more. IRC Tubeless tyres are that good.

There is one option

  1. 20F/24R with Miche Primato hubs

There is no weight limit. Rider up to around 100kg should see no reliablility problems. This covers most riders. Riders over 100kg can have a 24F/28R set however the rim finish is different and therefore cant be part of this listing. 

The wheels can be built with Shimano Dura Ace hubs but again the rim finsh is gloss black not matte and therefore can't be part of this listing. 

The spokes used for options  are black Sapim Cx-ray for the front wheel 2.0mm(0.9/2.2)mm/2.0mm and Sapim Cx-Force spokes 2.2mm/(1.3mm/2.2mm/2.0mm) with black alloy SILS (self locking) nipples. The Cx-force spokes have a thicker elbow than most spokes (triple butted) this means longer spoke life. Combined with the offset drilled rear rim, the weight limit for these wheels is ~100kg (this is not strict however and is likely to be conservative).

The hubs used are Miche Primato.

The Miche hubs have steel axles and big bearings so they are very reliable hubs. Freehubs are easily swapped between Campagnolo and Shimano. Freehub bodies are cheap and available from The Cycle Clinic (if fact all hub spares are). Freehubs are 8/9/10/11 speed compatible for Shimano, SRAM AXS 12 speed and 9/10/11/12 speed compatible for Campagnolo. Don't be fooled by the price of the Miche hubs there are few hubs on the market that are more reliable. Rear hub bearings typically last 8000 to 10000 miles of mixed weather U.K use. Then change them for more miles of happy riding. All spares are available through The Cycle Clinic and I mean all spares down to the ratchet ring. 

Kool Stop Salmon brake pads are recommend for these wheels (and all rim brake wheels) to maximise brake track life. Available for Shimano or Campagnolo holders. 

Front OLD is 100mm and rear OLD is 130mm.

Simply a reliable wheelset for all weathers and combined with IRC tubeless tyres in four versions it maybe the only wheelset you need.

    If you want tubeless tyres then just buy and I will fit them for you with Effetto Mariposa sealant. 

    The Cycle Clinic is a stockist/importer of IRC tubeless and clincher (tubed) tyres. You can opt for any IRC tyres to be fitted to your wheels. Other brands are stocked too,  and if you buy tyres of this shop I will fit them and set them up with Maxalami Sealant. Please note if you buy tubed tyres buy tubes also. Below  are links to the tubeless tyres and IRC tubed tyres stocked. 

    Continental GP5000TL 25mm, 28mm or 32mm

    Challange Paris Roubaix 27mm handmade

    Challange Paris Roubaix 27mm vulcanised

    Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 TLR 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

    IRC Roadlite tubeless 23mm and 25mm

    IRC Formula Pro RBCC TL tubeless 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

    IRC Formula Pro Fusion X-guard TL tubeless 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

    IRC Formula Pro S- Light TLR tubeless ready tyre 25mm or 28mm

    IRC Marbella tubeless X Guard 28mm gravel tyre

    IRC Serac CX Sand and CX Sand X Guard tyres 32mm width

    IRC Serac CX and CX  X Guard tyres 32mm width

    IRC Serac CX Mud and CX Mud X Guard tyres 32mm width

    IRC Aspite Pro Dry clincher 24mm or 26mm (for use with tinner tubes)

    IRC Aspite Wet 24mm

    IRC Roadlite X guard 25 mm tyres (for use with tubes).

    IRC Jetty 23mm, 25mm or 28mm (for use with inner tubes)

    IRC Boken 36mm or 40mm

    Hutchinson Performace Fusion 5 25mm or 28mm

    Hutchinson All Season Fusion 5 25mm or 28mm

    If you buy any tyre (with tubes if applicable) I will fit them for you to your wheels. 

    Wheel set weight bare with the;

    20F/24R Miche hubs is 1655g,




    What you get

    • Wheelset front and rear with Sapim CX- ray and CX-Force aero spokes
    • VAR tubeless rim tape
    • VAR black alloy tubeless valves
    • Q/R skewers for Miche and Shimano hubs
    • IRC tubeless tyre levers (useful for fitting tubeless tyres)
    • The best guarantee (for the life of the rim against spoke failure and anything that could be termed a defect) i.e. problems fixed at my cost not yours.

    Video of how to deal with tubeless punctures that wont seal.Other thing to buy with this wheelset

    Tyre worms or the bigger pack 




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