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Product Image Campagnolo Potenza HO Hydraulic Ergo power shifter and disc brake controls  and disc brake calipers

Campagnolo Potenza HO Hydraulic Ergo power shifter and disc brake controls and disc brake calipers


Introducing Campagnolo's new disc brake system. 

This is the "entry level" disc brake system from Campagnolo in Potenza 11 speed form. 

U.K/Aus/JP setup assumed but continental setup available. You can specify that in notes at checkout.


1) Right hand front for 160mm rotor

2) left hand rear for 160mm rotor

3) Left hand rear for 140mm rotor

Campagnolo have worked on the development and there are many unique features these offer.

The Potenza HO ergo's are powershift as you would expect (one down shift per click) and they have cable actuated shifting. 

The braking system is the same across all the Campagnolo Disc brake ergo's hence "entry level". The bleeding port is found at the top of the ergopower in order to ensure faster and more efficient bleeding operation and the system uses mineral oil. As the moving parts of the transmission remain the same, so does the finger movements to carry out shifting. The ergopower has a taller hood, 8mm in fact due to the hydraulic gubbins but this actually give better grip in the forearms horizontal position.  The forged aluminum Campagnolo disc brake calipers are available in a flat mount configuration and perfectly compatible with all flat mount frames and forks currently available, without the need for any converter or adaptor.

There is free stroke adjustment via a screw.  

By offering 160mm front and both 160 and 140mm calipers for the rear the cyclist may choose the perfect configuration for there frame. The calipers themselves are mounted using only two screws with several screw length options available to ensure perfect compatibility with any frame.

Lightweight and powerful 22mm pistons made from phenolic resin, chosen for its thermal insulation qualities, provide ample power transfer from command to pad. The design of the brake incorporates a magnetic spring on the pistons which eliminates the need for mechanical springs between the pads and guarantees a faster return as well.

Campagnolo have chosen organic resin pads that are fade resistant and even have a wear indicator. Campagnolo have also chosen steel rotors with rounded edges. The AFS centrelock design ensure excellent braking.

These Ergo power controls also have a chainset and rear derailleur to ensure perfect shifting and improved chainline for the wider rear dropout spacing. cable pull is the same though for the standard road rear derailleur so this can be used as well.

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