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Bike Fitting Service

The Cycle Clinic offers a bike fitting service. Bike fitting is obvious to me and I do it the old fashioned way. It turns out that humans are best in particular type of position. That does not mean the same position for everyone but the same rules apply.

1) There are three contact point bum, feet and hands, well four I suppose as most of us have two feet. 

2)  I adjust saddle height and saddle fore and aft till your bend in your leg at the down stroke is right. This can resolve all manor of comfort issue all by itself.

3) saddle for and aft is adjust until the saddle is positioned so you sit at the back of the saddle. This again will fix many peoples issues.

4) level the saddle off. Saddles should be level if yours is not it will be by the time I am finished. I have lost many a saddle sale by doing this right. 

5) cleat position, if you use them they need to be right so your heel goes up and down in a straight line.

6) Hands - this is simple stack, hood position are adjusted and possibly a new stem fitted to give you a comfortable position.

The resulting position will have your back straight. This prevents neck and back pain. That maybe quite upright or very low depending on the type of bike you have. Your legs should be moving up down in straight lines, this limits abnormal loads on your knees and ankles/feet. There is a bend in the knee and the bottom of the pedal stroke I look for. That will give the most efficent pedal stroke and the best comfort. Riding should not be painful. If you have discomfort or pain something is wrong. 

I did say it was obvious and it is simple. I don't use software, I have eyes. I will fit you by looking at you ride a bike either on the road or on a turbo depending on weather. At the end I can measure you up and record the important dimensions you you have that (and so do I for future reference). 

Needles to say for a fit session you need to bring your bike and shoes you normally wear. Wearing the kit you normally wear is not a bad idea either as you will be pedalling.

The fit takes up to 2 hrs. The charge is £60 plus whatever parts are used in altering the position if any.