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Bike Fitting Service

The Cycle Clinic now offers a bike fitting service. I have choosen the equipement/software provided by bikefitting.com who are based in the Netherlands. The company is partnered with Shimano. The company has been providing bike fit solution for 25 years. 

The equipment The Cycle Clinic uses will allow me to measure you the cyclist (inseam, sternal notch height, arm length, foot length, shoulder width and total height) and the software works out the ideal position. However I often use this as a guide and fit based on my experience. The position I choose for the cyclist often is the same as the software suggests. Measurements of how your is set up will need to be made and adjustments to that position will them made if appropriate. The "ideal" setup is rarely the last word as your frame may not be "ideal" but it may be close. There are only a few things that can easily be changed and these can and do provide the biggest benefit to the cyclist.

The changes are saddle height, saddle fore/aft position, stem length/angle, saddle -handle bar drop. Cleat position may also need changing. After the measurements and position changes are made it will time to try the bike out on the turbo and on the road weather permitting.

Shoe cleat position will be checked and adjusted if applicable if the saddle is an issue using the Sella Italia ID match a more comfortable saddle can be recommended and tested.

Needles to say for a fit session you need to bring your bike and shoes you normally wear. Wearing the shorts you normally wear is not a bad idea either as you will be pedalling.

The fit take 1-1.5hrs hours depending on how much there is too do. The charge is £60 plus whatever parts are used in altering the position if any.

If you want to make the changes your self or just need a bike set up drawing four frame builder then a £20 charge applies for the measuring and the drawing.