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Open Monday to Sat 9:30am till 6pm. Wheel build queue is curently 2-3 weeks.

EU shipping

Shipping to all EU countries is some thing we do here. Parcel Force is used and they are getting most parcels through with a couple of weeks. Prices to various countries and provided at checkout.

The customer will receive an import tax bill which has to be laid prior to delivery. The taxes comprise of import VAT and tarriffs for all goods not made in the U.K.

All our wheels are U.K made so not subject to import duties. All other goods we sell are not made in the U.K and will be subject to import duties. 

Customs clearance fees are also levied. I cannot provide help with your customs or explain charges. Buy buying you are accepting what ever bill your customs authority gives you. We are honest on our commercial invoices which does speed up customs clearance.

From the 1st July new EU import regime mean the minium order from us will be €150 or that equivalent in GDP. Orders below that value will be impossible from 1st July as we are not planning to register for VAT in the EU. Orders above that value will be subject to the current import rules. 



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