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Open Monday to Sat 9:30am till 6pm.


Various bikes and wheels built here.

Steelman with Camapg 8 speed groupset and H plus son TB14 rims laced to campagnolo 8 speed hubs.

Thomas Lo Pro. 126mm spaced frame with a very period disc wheel of unknown origin but it uses a campagnolo hub. From wheel is a mavic mach2 CD 2. 22mm tubular tyres glued on. 

Some wheel buiold are almost pornographic. Ambroiso Nemesis tubular rims onto Shimano 25th Anniveray Dura Ace hubs. Tubs not glued on yet. 


 Below are a set of wheels for 150kg rider. 36 spoke wheels with Ryde Andare321 rims (cargo bike rims), Shimano XT M756 hubs (no longer made in 36 drilling though) and Sapim Strong spokes. this is about as robust a wheel I can build. They may be heavy but they eep the custmer rolling and smiling. That what matter in the end. 

Wheels for 150kg rider Shimano XT M756 hubs ryde Andare321 rims Sapim strong spokes
BORG31 wheels as ridden by Blackmore Apparel. These are happy going uphil too. Nick Hobbs likes them and they can be found on his bike going up european hills when he guides folk on cycling holidays. 

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