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Product Image IRC Formula Pro RBCC tubeless road tyres

IRC Formula Pro RBCC tubeless road tyre


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The IRC Formula Pro RBCC tyre is race tyre with the emphasis on wet grip and durability. This tyre is the ultimate all round race tyre. there are lower rolling resistance tyres but they tend to puncture more easily and don't have the same grip across a range of conditions. Team on Form have been testing these all year and most of the tyres have done a full season and are ready for a second. They will be raced in the Tour of Yorkshire in 2018. 

The rice bran ceramic compound (RBCC) has been revised to improve wet grip. IRC claim a 4% improvement and a 10% drop in rolling resistance. These are race tyres and have been race proven in the U.K throughout 2017/18. After a season racing by Team on Form the tyres and a Belgian team are not even close to worn and have helped the riders clock up wins. 

The tread rubber now covers more of the tyre so you can lean even further into a bend than you probably should. 

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The natural latex lining is retained to improve comfort and reduce rolling resistance.The High TPI casing means the ride on these tyres is sublime. Rough roads are taken in there stride. 

The Nippo Vini Fantini team wanted a file thread so IRC obliged.

The new tyres measure 25mm and 28mm on wide rims! Unlike most brands IRC know wide rims offer the best performance and a 28mm tyre that sits like a 31mm tyre is not going to fit in many bikes. The tyres also do not sit tall and this is useful for those running mudguards.

The teams experience and my own with these tyres has been very good. Puncture resistance is very good and the wet grip is excellent. This is my favourite tyre and they are seen on the bikes of the womans team "Team on Form" as well as Nippo-Vini-Fantini.

25mm tyre 275g - real width on 19mm internal width rims 25mm and height 22mm. Rolling resistance is low in the real world on real roads. 

28mm tyre 320g- real width on 19mm internal width rims 27.5 and height 24mm. 

Why use tubeless tyres?

Tubeless tyres are simply better tyres, well IRC are better tyres. Ride comfort is improved and is tubular like. Due to the lack of an inner tube rolling resistance are improved also lower pressure can be run improving grip. The latex sealant will heal most punctures.

Please read this blog post before buying and check your rim is tubeless tyre compatible (and not just going with the manufacturers claim).

For more details on living and riding with road tubeless tyres have a read of this.

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