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Product Image Miche large flange fixed/free (single speed) or fixed track hubs

Miche Primato Large flange Pista/strada (fixed/free) or double fixed hubs (front and rear pair)


 Miche Large flange hubs for fixed/single speed or fixed gear bikes with a 120mm spaced rear dropouts. These hubs use large bearings and the fixed thread side come with locking rings. 

28H and 32H Drillings available in silver or black, fixed free, double fixed or single sided fixed:

Track nuts included. In my opinion these hubs are the best fixed or single speed hubs about. Perfect for that special wheel build. I also wheel build so I can turn these lovely into your perfect wheels.

42mm chain line (measured) and 60mm PCD on front and rear flanges and 31mm flange to centre spacing. Wheels built with these are stiff and a 32H 3x build with the H plus Son archetype build needs 286mm spokes. Perfect low cost hubs for the ideal fixed gear or single speed when build.

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