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Product Image BORG45 Disc carbon disc brake wheelset road/CX/gravel

BORG45 Disc carbon disc brake wheelset road/CX/gravel


*rims are in production. I dont have an eta and i never get one but orders can be placed now

The BORG45 Disc wheelset is 26.6mm wide 45mm deep disc brake specific wheelset. 

The logo is not a decal and cannot be removed. It is in gloss black so look carefully at the photo's.

The wheels can be built for the Cannondale BB30A 6mm offset

This is my aero disc brake offering for those want something lovely for there bike. Given disc brake rims dont wear out it is even be possible to justify the price. These are robust reliable, stiff and aerodynamic wheelset that performs.

Internal width is 18.5mm. I have gone for this width as they will still be useful for  road race disc brake bikes as well as CX/gravel machines.

They are very stiff and therefore feel responsive and spoke life will be very long. 

The rims have the ideal profile for making them very stable in cross winds, and your tyres will have an optimal shape. Recommend tyre with are 23-45mm. 

The wheels will stand up to road, CX or gravel use. 

Spoke count is 24 front and rear. 

Sapim CX-ray spokes in black are used with alloy nipples than match the colour of the hubs.

There are two hubsets available. 

Miche SWR DX (6 bolt or centrelock). Inform me at checkout or by email which rotor mount you require. These are reliable hubs that come with a choice of 3 pawl freehubs - Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed or SRAM XD 11/12 speed. Various axle standards are supported. Kit provided supports Q/R (skewers included) and 100x12/15mm front and 142x12mm rear. Rear hub has bearing preload and uses 6803 bearings in the main shell.

Carbon Ti disc brake hubs for 6 bolt rotors. Available in a choice of colours. Black, red, blue, green, gold or silver. Black hubs will be assumed unless you tell me otherwise.

The hubs are available 4 pawl freehubs. Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed or SRAM XD 11/12 speed.

The hubs come with Q/R end caps (Carbon Ti skewers can be purchased separately) or 100x12mm, 100x15mm or 142x12mm thru axle options. Conversion kits are available too. Carbon Ti thru axles are available as well. Let me know which axle standard you need and I will convert. 100x15mm/142x12mm will be assumed otherwise.

Simply high end wheels without the high end price tag (nearly).

Weight of the 45mm deep wheels with Miche hubs 1670g

Weight of the 45mm deep wheels with Carbon Ti hubs 1530g

The tyres offered are IRC tubeless tyres. Simply the best rubber on the market in my view.  

The wheels are supplied tubeless ready too with tape, valves and IRC tyre levers. tubed tyres can be used as well. 

You see why I have not put tyres into the listing. If tyres are bough I will fit them although you will need to buy the tubes with clinchers. 

When buying inform me what type of rotor mount you need for the miche hubs 6 bolt or centrelock.

A review frm cycling weekly. The weight they measured includes the 27g of rim tape and valves. 


Other thing to buy with this wheelset

DT Swiss centrelock to 6 bolt adapters - needed for centrelock hubs as it comes with a external type lockring as the internal type (cassette lockring tool) either wont fit or you wont be able to tighten it. 

Fixing tubeless tyres

Tyre worms or the bigger pack 


Front Thru axle

Rear thru axle

Quick release skewers

Disc brake rotors