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Product Image BORG22 (light) tubeless ready wheelset - black or colours.

BORG22 (light) tubeless ready wheelset - black or colours.


The wheels are handbuilt in the shop. The rim is a Kinlin XR22T/RT which is made from Kinlin's aluminium - niobium alloy. I call these BORG22 light because they are 22mm deep and light. They differ from the the standard BORG22 in that they have lighter hubs and spokes. It is a light, tubeless ready wheelset though for light bikes.The wheels are compatible with tubed tyres too. 

Coloured hub options. Polished silver, Matt silver, red, blue, green, Matt black, polished black, green, acid green and gold are all available. When buying please tell me me which colour you want and if black or silver spokes are desired. 

The rim is 24mm wide and 22mm deep. It weighs 440g. The rear rim has offset drilling for increased NDS spoke tension (this is a good thing for spoke life). The internal width of this rim is 19mm and it has a 2mm thick spoke nipple bed. All tyres will sit wider on this rim than they would on a narrower one. This improves rider comfort due to the increased air volume and due to the different tyre shape handling in the bends particularly over broken road surfaces is improved. 

Tubeless rim tape and black alloy tubeless valves are supplied so the wheels are tubeless ready.

The light version is offered in one form only.

Spokes and nipples

24F/28R Black or silver straight pull Cx rays front and Sapim cX sprint spokes rear  -  100/130mm OLD. Let me know which colour at checkout or black will be assumed unless you have picked silver or coloured hubs.  I use Sapim CX Sprint spokes for the rear  for increased radial, lateral and torsional stiffness over using sapim Cx rays which also means longer spoke life.

Carbon Ti hubs are used. The freehub has 4 pawls. The bearing used are of a standard industrial size (6903/6803 in the rear hub shell). Light but reliable hubs with 56points of engagement. The ratchet ring is titanium.

Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed freehub, SRAM XDR road and Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed freehub bodies available for both hubs.

Simply light, stiff and reliable wheels that benefit from The Cycle Clinic life of the rim guarantee against going out of true/spoke failure, rim cracking (but not rim damage) and hub flange cracking. Of course all of these failures are extremely unlikely. They also benefit from the crash repair service where I will replace a damaged rim for the cost of the rim £40 + plus postage back to you. 

The Cycle Clinic is a stockist of IRC tubeless tyres. You can opt for the 25mm  IRC Formula Pro Light tyres or the 25mm Formula Pro RBCC tyres as a standard option but if one of the other IRC tubeless tyres is your preference then just buy the tyres and the wheels and I will marry them up. Both the sugessted tyres will be 25mm wide on these rims. 

Weight (bare wheels)

24F/28R 1400g  

Weight Limit approx 100kg

  • Min tyre real width 25mm max pressure 7.5 bar.

What you get

  • Wheelset front and rear with Sapim aero spokes and nipples.
  • Tubeless rim tape
  • Black alloyubeless valves
  • No Q/R skewers! 
  • IRC tubeless tyre levers
  • The best guarantee (for the life of the rim against spoke failure and anything that could be termed a defect) i.e. problems fixed at my cost not yours
  • Crash replacement at cost of parts only no labour.

Other thing to buy with this wheelset

Fixing tubeless tyres

Tyre worms or the bigger pack 




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