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Product Image BORG28 DISC 650B/27.5" or 700c/29er wheelset - XC/Gravel/CX/touring

BORG28 DISC 650B/27.5" or 700c/29er wheelset - XC/Gravel/CX/touring


The BORG28 is a 28mm wide 22.5mm deep wheelset with a rim that has an internal width of 23mm. It is stiff, reliable and can handle the load. There are lighter wheels but these are more reliable for a wider range of riders. 


  • A robust all weather wheelset.
  • Reliable cartridge bearing hubs.
  • 28mm Wide tubeless tyre ready wheelset (tubed tyre compatible also).
  • 100/135mm or 100*12/100*15/142*12mm compatible.
  • 28 spoke or 32 spoke count wheels
  • Stiff yet comfortable.
  • Triple butted Sapim spokes.
  • Shimano, XD driver or Campagnolo freehub.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Weight from 1585g
  • Centrelock disc brake mounts.6 bolt adapter available here.
  • Lockring for 15mm axled hubs must be used. Centrelock rotor lockring available here.

Let me know which axle standard combination you need at checkout.

Please state at checkout.

100/135mm QR


100*12/142*12mm for Cannondale offset bikes.

This is a disc brake specific wheelset that is black in colour, tubeless ready and ready for trails. Use it for MTB XC use or gravel as it now called or as a touring bike or audax rides. The extra width means a comfortable ride. 

Minimum tyre width is 32mm (some 28's will fit fine) but tyres 40mm to 60mm are ideal. 

650B rims do make quite a bit of sense. For touring bikes, they allow fatter tyres, the same is true for gravel bikes. With a 40mm tyre the rolling diameter is the same as a 700c wheel with a narrow tyre. The bigger tyre volume means more grip and comfort over rougher ground. Bigger tyres are faster off road. Also, those who load up the bike 650B wheels are stiffer and have a higher load capacity than there 700c cousins.

To me, there is no difference between a 650B wheelset aimed at gravel, MTB or touring. If it works for MTB it will work well for the other two. 

The 700c/29er wheelset is still robust and will carry the load. It is light enough to be responsive and stiff enough to take whatever the road or trails throw at you.

The hubs used are BORG DX with centrelock rotor mounts. Q/R, 100x12/15mm and 142x12mm compatible in any combination. Just tell me at checkout what you need.

6 bolt adapters made by Miche are available. The rear hub requires the use of an external spline lock ring.  Freehub bodies for Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed MTB or road, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed, and SRAM XD driver are available and are interchangeable with nothing more than possible bearing preload adjustment.

The freehub has a titanium core/pawl seat springs with an aluminium alloy main body. The freehub has 3 spring loaded pawls and a 30T ratchet ring. It is advisable to re-grease the freehub mechanism with good grease like Rock n Roll Super Slick or Super Web to keep the hub quiet and to stop water ingress weakening the spring. 

Why BORG DX hubs? Well, I have had Miche make these in 24H, 28H, and 32H drillings. They are a large flange design because large flange hub reduces the braking loads on the spokes compared to small flange designs. The bearings are not the normal ISO grade 0 or ABEC-5 (enduro) that you find in many hubs even high-end ones. SKF supply the bearings for the BORG DX hub but these bearings have much tighter tolerances on the outer and inner diameters, the balls are to a much higher standard, even the grease is a special formulation. All this is designed to increase bearing longevity particular in wet weather operation. To get the longest life, pressure washing the hubs should be avoided and the cassette should be cleaned removed from the hub. The front hub has 2x 6803 bearings and the rear hub has 1x 6803 non-drive side and 2x 6803 drive side. The freehub body has 2x 6803 bearing. The same high-grade bearings are used throughout the hub. All spares down to the ratchet ring are available. Simply I have had these hubs made without compromise. 

It is advisable if using Shimano made cassettes to tighten the lockrings up really right. RTF is what I call it. 40 to 50 Nm is required. For a Miche cassette for Shimano 40Nm is sufficient as these notch less easily. If you don't own a good torque wrench get a mechanic to fit the cassette for you. The freehubs are expensive, no need to ruin prematurely. 

Because these wheels would appeal to audax riders a dynamo front hub option is offered with a the SON28 centrelock for Q/R or tru axle. I do not build with the Shutter precision hubs anymore due to recurring warranty issues. 

Spokes will be black Sapim Force with brass nipples for 32 spoke wheels and for 28 spoke wheels Sapim black alloy nipples are used. There is a 120kg weight limit on the 32 spoke wheels. Spoke nipples washers are used to ensure the rim won't crack.


28 spoke 650B with BORG DX hubs 1585g

28 spoke 700c/29er with BORG DX hubs 1685g

32 spoke 650B with BORG DX hubs 1680g

32 spoke 700C/29er with BORG DX hubs 1780g

Feel free to purchase a suitable IRC gravel, CX MTB or a WTB 650B tubeless tyre and I will fit them. 

The dynamo hub adds weight. 

Simply a solid wheelset that will do it all. 

You can choose from any of the tyres stocked and if you buy them they will be fitted. 

what you get

  • 5 year/10,000 mile guarantee against spoke failure
  • tubeless ready wheelset, (tape, valves and IRC tyre levers)
  • crash damage repair at cost of parts only. 
  • Spares back up. If I use a hub all spares are available. 

Other things to buy with this wheelset

Tyre worms and Sealant



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