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Product Image BORG30 Disc 700c/29er wheelset MTB XC or gravel

BORG30 Disc 700c/29er wheelset MTB XC or gravel


Rims are currently out of stock. 2 moth lead time to get more in. An order is needed to get me to order the rims. 

This 30mm wide, lightweight carbon wheelset is ideal for tyres 40mm to 65mm. The wide rims mean secure handling over rough terrain.

The hookless rims make these perfect for tubeless tyres like the IRC Boken gravel ture or the IRC Mythos XC tyre.

Gravel and XC MTB riding are similar enough that rims should be no different.

The BORG30 is light, stiff and fun to ride. 

Wheelset weight with Sapim Force spokes and alloy nipples and BORG DX hubs is 1450g. Sapim alloy nipples don't break.

The rims are tubeless compatible and hookless. Tubed tyres can be used but why would you want to. The internal width of the rim is 25mm. External width is 30mm.

Gravel wheels are not aero wheels.  40mm tyres put a kybosh on that so it should have round spokes. Also ditch the need for aero rims, a wide shallowish rim can be used. With the right profile this can still be radially and laterally stiff. 

The hubs are 12mm thru axle compatible and reliable. They are made for centrelock rotors but 6 bolt adapters are available.

One important aspect of tubeless compatibility mean to me a tyre that will remain seated with no air pressure. The BORG30 passes that test. This means once a cut is sealed with tyre plugs or sealant you can reinflate with a hand pump. The wheel can be used with inner tubes but I can't think why you would do that to yourself.

Enter the BORG30 Disc.

  • Front wheel weight 650g (bare) with BORG DX hubs
  • Rear wheel weight 802g (bare) with BORG DX hubs.
  • Total bare weight 1452g with BORG DX hubs, 1360g with Carbon Ti hubs.
  • 700c 
  • 370g carbon rim
  • 25mm internal width
  • 30mm external width
  • 20mm deep
  • Asymmetric rim (2.5mm offset)
  • Triple butted Sapim Force black spokes
  • 24F/24R spoke count
  • BORG DX or Carbon Ti hubs
  • 100x12mm, 100x15mm, and 142x12mm or QR compabile.
  • 40mm  to 70mm tyre with.
  • Cost £900
  • Lockring for 15mm axled hubs must be used. Centrelock rotor lockring available here.

Let me know which axle standard combination you need at checkout.

Please state at checkout.

100/135mm QR


100*12/142*12mm for Caanondale offset bikes.

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