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Product Image BORG38T Carbon fibre tubular wheelset.

BORG38T Carbon fibre tubular wheelset.


The name of this wheelset should be self explanatory, the rims are 38mm deep.

Wheels are offered as a pair with Q/R skewers a spacer for using 8/9/10 speed cassettes with the shimano freehubs and Campagnolo carbon brake pads for Shimano (Tektro e.t.c) or Campagnolo  brake pad holders.

These 38mm deep 20.5mm wide carbon fibre rims with a 3k weave are 300g in weight. That how this wheelset is so light. With these you get all the marginal gains, stiff (for good power transfer), light weight and fairly aerodynamic.

The rims themselves have a brake track that uses high Tg resins and that work well with the pads I supply which are Campagnolo carbon pads (red) for shimano or campagnolo pattern brakes.Braking is as good as it is on alloy rims with good pads and brakes.

While I can't change physics - carbon rims do not dissipate heat as well as metal rims - the high Tg resins do mean heat up build does not pose a issue (except in the most extreme circumstances). 

Why tubular wheels. Well tubular tyres can offer increased comfort and are generally more puncture resistant to there tubed clincher equivalents. If riding steep decents with lots of braking carbon tubular rims will heat up as much but the tyre is not trying to blow the rim apart neither will the tube burst as is enclosed within the tyre carcass thus insulating from that heat buildup. Tubular wheels are not just race day wheels. They are far more than that. 

The spokes used are black Sapim CX-ray (silver with silver Carbon Ti hubs) and I offer currently two hubsets;
  • 1) Miche Primato - wheel set weight 1260g big bearings that last, steel axle, bearing preload adjusters, Shimano 11 speed freehub or Campagnolo freehub. A robust all weather hubset. 

    2) Carbon Ti hubs - wheelset weight 1035g. Light weight hubs that come in anodised colours. Matching sapim coloured nipples are used (well the colour may not be an exact match but it is close) and carbon Ti  skewers (weight 39g) these Q/R's have titanium axles and levers are supplied. Coloured hubs are special order so extra time maybe needed to fufill this order. These hubs use 6803 bearings in the rear hubs, 17mm axles, 4 pawl freehubs and they have bearing preload adjustment. Simple light and reliable hubs. You pay for it mind. Let me know hub colour at checkout.

Colour options with carbon Ti hubs;
    • Silver,
    • Black,
    • Blue,
    • Red,
    • Gold,
    • Green.

    The wheels are stiff, light and aerodynamic. 

    Front wheel is laced radial and rear 2x/radial

    The Miche Primato hubs may be budget hubs but they are the best budget hubs there are and are the equal of many more expensive hubsets. They use big 6001 bearings, good seals, a bearing preload adjuster, steel axles simply an uncomplictaed hub which is why it is so good. Weight with these hubs in 20F/24R spoke count is 1260g.

    What The Cycle Clinic offers is a well built and hand built wheelset that peforms the way you want it too with the best customer back up there is, see the wheel building page for what we offer.

    While weight does not make a huge difference to your overall performance these could be so much lighter than your current wheels that with a few other changes to your bike you could shed a 1kg or so which will make itself felt. The wheels are stiff and it is pointless having a lightweight set of wheels that is not. So these wheels offer all the marginal gains which is important if you are competing.

    The Cycle Clinic can also glue tubular tyres on for you or just supply them. Dugast strada, Vittoria Corsa G+, Continental Sprinter, Competition and GP4000s are our favourite tubs at present and possibly they will always be.

    • An aerodynamic wheelset front and rear.
    • Q/R skewers for Miche hubs 
    • Campagnolo carbon brake pads in shimano or campagnolo form.
    • The best guarantee (for the life of the rim against spoke failure and anything that could be termed a defect) i.e. problems fixed at my cost not yours
    • Crash replacement at cost of parts only no labour.
    • weight limit ~90kg