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Product Image BORG50C Carbon Clinchers Tubeless ready 20F/24R 2:1 with BORG wheels hubs 26.2mm wide

BORG50C Carbon Clinchers Tubeless ready 20F/24R 2:1 with BORG wheels hubs 26.2mm wide


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The BORG50C wheelset is a aerodynamic, stiff, responsive race ready wheelset. Performance wheels don't have to have a high price tag. The wheels are built by me (Malcolm Borg) in Suffolk, U.K. They are built to last and make you quicker. 

The rims are 50mm deep and 26mm wide. The internal width is 19mm. The industries best aero spoke is used along with my own hubs. The wheels are built by me in the U.K.

Wheel highlights

  • 26mm wide (max width)
  • 50mm deep
  • 19mm internal width
  • 20F/24R spoke count
  • Sapim Cx Ray spokes and nipples used.
  • Heavy rider option with Sapim Cx Sprint spokes.
  • SRAM XDR/AXS 12 speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 or Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11 speed compatible.
  • Lifetime guarantee against rim, hub and spoke/nipple failure (see warranty notes)
  • Tubeless ready (tubed clincher tyre compatible also).
  • Alloy rim like braking in all conditions
  • Stiff and aerodynamic with good cross wind stability.
  • Weight 1615g with cx ray spokes.
  • 100/130mm OLD.
  • 700C/622mm wheel size.

The wheels are comfortable and the aero gain just helps you feel like your on a good day which is always welcome. The wide rim helps improve the bikes ability to corner as the tyres don't deform as much under side loads and the braking, in all conditions, is good. Crosswinds stability is also very good. 

Recommended tyre size is a inflated width of 25mm for optimal aerodynamic performance. 27mm and 28mm tyre though are not going to harm performance much at all. Its tyres bigger  than 28mm that start to catch the wind more and offer a aerodynamic penalty. 

The BORG50C rims have a gloss black logo. The logo's are part of the finish of the rim. The logo cant peel of. It is not water transfers either, there is nothing to peel off in fact the logo is slightly recessed. Once you see and feel it you wonder why The BORG50C is the only wheel to have such logo's.

Wide rims also mean a larger tyre volume also grip in the bends is improved. IRC tubeless tyres are easy to mount and remove. Max pressure for the rim is 120 psi but no more than 100psi is necessary depending on tyre choice and rider weight.

The rims have a good brake track with a high Tg resin's. The resins used means rim overheating is not an issue but we can't change Physics (no -one can), carbon rims dissipate heat more slowly than metal rims. Rule of thumb if the braking load would get alloy rims to hot to handle then don't do that decent on any carbon clincher rim. The Cycle Clinic supplies the wheels with Campagnolo carbon brakes pads, in Shimano or Campagnolo pattern. Braking performance is as good as it is on alloy rims with good pads and brakes. Braking in the wet is good too. Rim wear does not seem to be a big issue on these rims either. Use of the supplied pad is required for warranty. Rim overheating is not an issue with the recommended pads but can be an issue with some pads including swiss stop.

The spokes used are Sapim CX-ray with black SILS alloy nipples. Heavier riders can ask for Sapim CX Sprint spokes for the rear wheel. Add a note at checkout requesting this or send an email. These stiffer spokes improve the rear wheels lateral and radial stiffness, thus extending spoke life and reducing brake rub. 

The rear 24H wheel is laced 3x drive side and radial non drive side in a 16:8 pattern. The front 20H wheel is laced in a radial pattern. 

2:1 lacing offers the rider less brake rub, stiffer rear wheel due to the optimised geometry and longer spoke life. Pads are still recommended to be 1.5m. to 2mm from the rim for maximum mechanical leverage.

Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed, SRAM XDR 12 speed Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehubs available. The hubs use NTN 6901 bearing for the front wheel and 6902 bearing in the rear hub shell.

The hub uses a large 36T ratchet ring. The freehub use NTN bearings. The freehub has 4 independently sprung pawls. Its loud. I like that and it's also a sign of strong pawl springs, lots of pawls and teeth.

The NTN bearings are offered with contacting (red) or non contacting (black) seals. The contacting seals offer better weather sealing but  higher drag than the non co tacting seals. When riding though it's impossible to tell which bearings you have. Contacting seals loose much of there contact with the bearing above 5 mph. Non contacting seals loose contact and hense let more water and grit in. So expect significantly longer bearing life from the bearings with contacting seals. The non contacting seal bearing are fine though and the type of seal commonly found from other cycle bearings. NTN is a top tier bearing manufacturer and there bearings are made to tight tolerances so expect the non contacting bearings to last longer than others anyway. I use the contacting seals in my personal set. 

All the Campagnolo freehubs offered are 9/10/11/12 speed compatible. All the Shimano freehubs offered are 8/9/10/11 speed compatible and they come with a spacer for 8/9/10 speed cassettes (although an additional 1mm spacer supplied with a 10 speed cassette is needed too).

The XDR freehub is for SRAM AXS 12 speed cassettes. 

The BORG50C wheelset are supplied as wheels tubeless ready but are tubed tyre comptibale.

The Cycle Clinic is a stockist/importer of IRC tubeless and clincher (tubed) tyres. You can opt for any IRC tyres to be fitted to your wheels. Other brands are stocked too,  and if you buy tyres of this shop I will fit them and set them up with Maxalami Sealant. Please note if you buy tubed tyres buy tubes also. Below  are links to the tubeless tyres and IRC tubed tyres stocked. 

Continental GP5000TL 25mm, 28mm or 32mm

Challange Paris Roubaix 27mm handmade

Challange Paris Roubaix 27mm vulcanised

Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 TLR 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

IRC Roadlite tubeless 23mm and 25mm

IRC Formula Pro RBCC TL tubeless 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

IRC Formula Pro Fusion X-guard TL tubeless 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

IRC Formula Pro S- Light TLR tubeless ready tyre 25mm or 28mm

IRC Marbella tubeless X Guard 28mm gravel tyre

IRC Serac CX Sand and CX Sand X Guard tyres 32mm width

IRC Serac CX and CX  X Guard tyres 32mm width

IRC Serac CX Mud and CX Mud X Guard tyres 32mm width

IRC Aspite Pro Dry clincher 24mm or 26mm (for use with tinner tubes)

IRC Aspite Wet 24mm

IRC Roadlite X guard 25 mm tyres (for use with tubes).

IRC Jetty 23mm, 25mm or 28mm (for use with inner tubes)

IRC Boken 36mm or 40mm

Hutchinson Performace Fusion 5 25mm or 28mm

Hutchinson All Season Fusion 5 25mm or 28mm

If you buy any tyre (with tubes if applicable) I will fit them for you to your wheels.

So many manufacturers offer carbon rimmed aero wheels now but none come with the guarantee I offer (which applies to all wheels that I build) and none are better, honest truth. There is no weight limit as such on these wheels but be sensible.

What you get

  • An aerodynamic wheelset front and rear.
  • Tubelese rim tape, tubeless valve and extenders
  • No quick releases as i ha e not had these made for the hubs yet. 
  • Tubeless IRC tyres installed if you go for that option. I recommend that you do. 
  • Campagnolo carbon brake pads in shimano or campagnolo form.
  • The best guarantee (for the life of the rim against spoke failure and anything that could be termed a defect) i.e. problems fixed at my cost not yours
  • Crash replacement at cost of parts only no labour.

Warranty notes:

Brake track warping due to overheating is not a warranty fault. I will however rebuild at cost of the rim only. You need to observe the rule of thumb in the text above and only use campagnolo red pads to avoid overheating issues.  

If the rim cracks (spoke holes) then that is a warranty (none have yet)

If a spoke breaks or the wheel goes more than 0.5mm out of true that is a warranty (none have yet lets keep it that way).

If a fault with the hub appears that is is not bearing wear then that is a warranty. 

I rely on honesty so if the damage is related to impact then I will fix the wheel as the cost of the parts alone.

Reviews from the press.

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Other things to buy with this wheelset

Tyre worms 


Carbon Ti Quick release skewers


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