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Product Image Campagnolo 11 speed jockey wheels RD-CH500

Campagnolo jockey wheels for rear derailleurs 8, 9 10, 11 or 12 speed


Listed here are all the current Campagnolo jockey wheels. In the packet are a pair of jockey wheels. Compatability is listed below.

RD-RE500 - All Campagnolo  8 speed rear derailleurs

RD-RE600 -All Campagnolo 9 speed derailleurs and record 10 speed carbon cage rear mechs.

RD-RE700- All Campagnolo 10 speed derailleurs except record 10 speed carbon cage mech and centaur 10 speed 2011 to 2014. 

RD-CE500- Centaur 10 speed 2011 to 2014

RD-CH500 - All Campagnolo 11 speed derailleurs (11T) up to 2017

RD-SR500 - Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed derailleurs up to 2017 and can be fitted to Athena, Chorus and Record 11 speed mechs. Ceramic bearing in lower pulley and ceramic bushing for upper pulley

RD-SR600 Campagnolo super record 11 speed derailleur pulleys for 2018 RD's. These can be fitted to earlier derailleurs too.

RD-RE900 - 2018 model year 11 speed derailleurs these can be used on earlier 11 speed derailleurs though and should improve shifting if you do. 

RD-RE612 Record 12 speed 

RD-SR612 Super Record 12 speed

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