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Product Image Campagnolo Record Pro Fit Pedals

Campagnolo Record Titanium Pro fit pedals road


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Campagnolo Record Pro fit road pedals with a 9/16" axle thread diameter.

These  pedals successfully combine lightness, performance and comfort. Despite the relatively compact dimensions and reduced weight, the ergonomics are perfect so that even the longest rides are exceedingly comfortable, they really are and thats on over 200 mile rides as well. Pedal engagement and disengagement forces are independent. Disengagement force can thus be adapted to ones style of pedaling. The axle of the Record Pro-Fit Plus pedal turns on three bearings: two on the inside and one on the outside.

  • titanium axle
  • light alloy body
  • with floating cleats (standard) or fixed cleats (optional)
  • composite axle fixing nut
  • polished aluminum finish
  • the left axle is compatible with the ErgoBrain magnet
  • Weight 266g

Simply the best pedals in production bar none. 

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