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Product Image Miche Primato Syntesi black hub pair 9/10/11 speed Campagnolo or Shimano 10/11 speed

Miche Primato Syntesi black hub pair 9/10/11 speed Campagnolo or Shimano 10/11 speed


Miche make wonderful hubs. The Primato hubs in black are available in the drillings I keep for wheel building (see drop down menu). Other drilling combinations can be ordered but enquire for availability. 

The hub shell is forged, then CNC machine finished. Miche have exacting standards for there products. They even sample the bearings they receive for tolerance so every hub is a good as the last. 

The new hub has been revised with a alloy axle for the front and a 30T ratchet ring instead of the 20T ring in the old hub. Otherwise the hub is the same. 

Miche wisely have used a 12mm steel axle in the rear hub making them suitable for heavy loads/rider or very powerful riders. The cartridge bearings used are 6001 (1/4" balls) in the main body front and rear and large 6901 bearings in the freehub. These hubs can be ridden through floods and they don't care. They use an alloy freehub and weigh 425g for the pair. Black skewers are included and these weigh another 100g.

Available with a Shimano 10/11 speed freehub body, SRAM XDR 12 speed or a 9/10/11 speed Campagnolo freehub body.

The hubs can be dismantled with two 5mm allen keys. That is nice and simple. There is a bearing preload adjuster which requires the use of a 2mm allen key. Very easy hubs to work with. Freehub body changes are very easy.

Simply put a very reliable cartridge bearing hubset that are one of my favourite road hubs. Suitbale for CX use as well they are that good.



Flange PCD = 40mm
Centre of flange - centre of hub = 34mm

100mm OLD

Rear :
Flange PCD = 46mm
Centre DS flange - centre of hub = 16mm
Centre NDS flange - centre of hub = 38mm

130mm OLD

More about Miche here

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