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Product Image H Plus Son Archetype road or CX wheelset with Miche hubs 700c

H Plus Son Archetype Miche Primato wheelset - black (Heavy rider option)


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The H Plus Son Archetype/Miche Primato wheelset is a excellent all rounder. A Stiff (strong) rim that is a 23mm wide and 25mm deep rim laced to reliable hubs with the best (sapim) spokes. This means it is stiff and clincher tyres will take a wider profile - this is good news for comfort and road holding. That is not the only reason to like the rim however. It is 480g so not overly heavy and every rim is consistent with the last.

Simply a top end rim without a top end price, best of all worlds really.

The wheelset with the H Plus Son Archetype rim offered is built with Miche Primato hubs. These hubs are simply fantastic. They are not the lightest at 435g/pair but that is not heavy either but that extra weight over some hubs is there for a good reason. 46mm (PCD) flanges on the rear and 40mm on the front and they are thick ones, meaning flange failure is not going to happen. The hubs bearings are my favourite size 6001C3 2RS running on a steel axle. This make these hubs suitable for heaviers rider as the axles are not going to fatigue/break and the large bearings means they can support high loads and do not wear quickly. In fact you can ride through as many floods as you like and the hubs will not mind at all. There is also proper bearing preload adjustment like you find on Campagnolo Record hubs. The Cycle Clinic keeps a full set of spares for these hubs should your need them; bearings, axles, bearings, bearing preload adjusters and freehubs.

The hubs come with a Shimano 11 speed alloy freehub (with a 10 speed spacer) or a Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed alloy freehub body. The freehubs are inter-changable without changing end caps and only two 5mm allen keys are required to get the end caps off upon which the freehub can be removed and the bearing accessed.

Quite simply a well designed hub that will give you no bother. Made in Italy too.

The wheels even in the lowest spoke count are stiff thus giving long spoke life and maximising power transfer.

With The Cycle Clinic's guarantee (against spoke failure and out of trueness) for the life of the rim offer and you have a unbeatable wheelset in terms of performance, price,cost to service and repair and reliability.

700C rim size for clincher/tubed tyres and 100/130mm spac

24F/28R wheelset is suitable for the majority of riders a rough weight limit is 95kg to get 10,000+  miles from the spokes. The front wheels is built radial with Sapim Laser spokes and the rear is built 2x with Sapim Force (triple butted) spokes. Weight 1720g

32F/32R wheelset is suitable for riders not worried about weight. All you want is a dependable set of wheels. Built with black Sapim Laser spokes front and Sapim Force (triple butted) rear. 3x lacing is used.

32F/36R is the wheelset for heavy riders or those carrying a significant load. Built 3x/4x all round with Sapim Race spoke, it will not be the lightest but it will last.

IRC Aspite Pro or Pro Wet and the IRC Roadlite X guard clinchers are the perfect partner for these rims. If you buy the tyres and tubes I will fit them as that helps protect the wheels in transit to you. 


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