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Product Image BORG22 all weather tubeless ready clincher 700c wheelset

BORG22 all weather tubeless ready clincher 700c wheelset


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The BORG22 wheelset provides guaranteed reliability in all conditions. The wheels are built with high mileage riders in mind and therefore suits everyone else. Those that ride in the foulest of conditions and simply need dependable wheels. Dependable does not have to heavy though. The BORG22 have every detail covered. 

There are two versions in the listing the light 24F/28R spoke count or the 32F/32R spoke count. The 32 spoke count version also does not have logos. I only have sandblast fi ished black rims in this drilling.

The BORG22 review here 


  • A robust all weather wheelset.
  • Big cartridge bearing hubs
  • Stiff yet comfortable.
  • Triple butted Sapim spokes.
  • Shimano8/9/10/11 speed, SRAM AXS 12 speed or Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehub.
  • 24mm wide tubeless tyre ready rims (tubed tyre compatible also).
  • Life of the rim warranty.
  • Weight from 1646g

The wheels are handbuilt in the shop.  I call these BORG22 because they are 22mm deep. They are my all weather training wheelset. The rims are not expensive if they need to be replaced and the hubs, well they love the wet. Bearing life is long in all conditions. 

The rim is 24mm wide and 22mm deep. It weighs 450g. The rear rim has offset drilling for increased NDS spoke tension (this is a good thing for spoke life). The internal width of this rim is 19mm and it has a 2mm thick spoke nipple bed. All tyres will sit wider on this rim than they would on a narrower one. This improves rider comfort due to the increased air volume and due to the different tyre shape handling in the bends particularly over broken road surfaces is improved. 

These wheels are robust and the rims are low cost meaning they are perfect training wheels and ideal for wet weather/winter use. They are supplied tubeless ready with tubeless tape, valves and IRC tyre levers. Tubed tyres can of course be fitted and are an easy fit. Even Schwalbe Marathons fit with ease. The levers are supplied because they are best levers I have tried and make fitting of every tyre I have tried so far easy. 

Spokes and nipples

24F/28R Black Sapim Laser spokes front  and Black Sapim force rear. Sapim black self locking alloy nipples are used. Sapim HM nipples washers are also utilised. A stiff wheelset for nearly all riders weight limit 100kg. 

32F/32R Black Sapim Force spokes with silver brass nipples are used. Sapim HM nipples washers are also utilised. This is a very stiff wheelset with a 120kg recomended max weight limit.

Hubs - all 100/130mm OLD

Miche Primato hubs are used for most build options. They have proven themselves and give many thousands of miles of trouble free all weather use. The bearings are 2x6001 C3 in both the front and rear hub shells. The rear freehub has 2x 6901 bearings. The axles front and rear are 12mm diameter and made of steel. The front and rear hub are a free axle design making disassembly really simple. Both the front and rear hub have a bearing preload adjuster which should be set once the wheels are installed in the bike. 

Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed freehub, SRAM XDR/AXS 12 speed and Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed freehub bodies.

Simply reliable wheels that benefit from The Cycle Clinic life of the rim guarantee against going out of true/spoke failure, rim cracking (but not rim damage) and hub flange cracking.

The Cycle Clinic is a stockist/importer of IRC tubeless and clincher (tubed) tyres. You can opt for any IRC tyres to be fitted to your wheels. Other brands are stocked too including Continental GP5000TL and if you buy tyres f this shop I will fit them.

IRC Roadlite tubeless 23mm and 25mm.

IRC Formula Pro RBCC tubeless 25mm or 28mm

IRC Formula Pro Fusion X-guard tubeless 25mm or 28mm

IRC Formula Pro Light tubeless 25mm 

IRC Serac CX tyres are available in 32mm width

IRC Aspite Pro Dry clincher with conti inner tubes 24mm or 26mm

IRC Roadlite X guard 25 mm tyres (for use with tubes).

If you buy any tyre (with tubes if applicable) I will fit them for you to your wheels. 

Weight (bare wheels)

24F/28R 1646g

32F/32R 1785g

  • Min tyre real width 25mm max pressure 7.5 bar.

What you get

  • Wheelset front and rear with Sapim spokes and nipples.
  • Tubeless rim tape
  • Tubeless valves
  • Q/R skewers.
  • IRC tubeless tyres levers
  • The best guarantee (for the life of the rim against spoke failure and anything that could be termed a defect) i.e. problems fixed at my cost not yours.

Other thing to buy with this wheelset

Tyre worms and Sealant

Fixing tubeless tyres




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