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Product Image Handbuilt HED Belgium+ wheelset - tubeless ready

HED Belgium+ rim brake wheelset from 1455g


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HED Belgium + rims are 25mm wide (20.5mm internal width) and 25mm deep. The rim is probably one of the best looking rim about today in my opinion anyway and if you reading this you may agree. The rim is very stiff too which is a good thing for spoke life. Rims this wide will give a very stable ride at speed in the bends or cobbles.

Hubs offered are Miche Primato, Carbon Ti X-hub road or campagnolo record hubs.

24F/28R Miche Primato - big 6001 cartridge bearings and a pre load adjuster. Simple well made hubs on a budget. Black CX-ray spokes front and CX sprint spokes for the rear wheel. Weight 1645g.

24F/28R Carbon Ti X-hub road are an Italian lightweight masterpiece. 17mm diameter axles for both hubs, 6803 bearings front and 3x 6803/1x6903 bearings rear. 56T titanium ratchet ring, 4 pawl freehubs compatible with Shimano 11speed, Campagnolo 11/12 speed or SRAM 1x road groupset (XDR) and colour options too. Black CX-ray front and CX Sprint rear straight pull spokes are used. Coloured hubs are an option on request. Weight is 1455g.

32F/32R with Camapagnolo Record hubs. These are sublime hubs. Smooth and utterly dependable. Cup and cone design but with every spare available. Cups and cones can be replaced ensuring this hubset will last. The hubs come with a shimano steel 8/9/10/11 speed freehub, alloy shimano 8/9/10/11 speed, Sram xdr 12 speed freehub, campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehub bodies. USB or CULT bearings are a optional upgrade. Black sapim CXrays used for the front wheel and CXspribt spokes used for the rear wheel.

If using tubeless tyres please do not fully deflate the tyres when packing into a bike box the tyre might unseat making reinflation difficult. Thus is not rim I consider to be fully tubeless compatible.  Leave tubeless tyre inflated until they have worn out. Fix the tyre externally with plugs. A spare tube therefore will help if the tubeless tyre flats and unseats when riding.

Sorry about the pics it is the only example I have of a build with Miche Primato hubs and another with record hubs and round spokes. 

What you get

  • Wheelset front and rear 
  • tubeless rim tape 
  • Q/R skewers for Miche, Campagnolo and Shimano hubs.
  • The best guarantee (for the life of the rim against spoke failure and anything that could be termed a defect).

 If tyres are bought they will be fitted.


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