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Product Image IRC Formula X-Guard

2015/6 IRC Formula X-Guard Tubeless tyres


The X-Guard belt with high penetration resistance enables a tubeless tire to increase its puncture resistance without compromising the comfortable ride or low rolling resistance. In addition to a normal puncture-resistant ply, these tires are layered with an extra 40x40 tpi mesh puncture guard.

The tires have proven themselves. The Formula PRO TUBELESS X-Guard expands the potential of tubeless tires to new levels.

The Cycle Clinic is the only U.K retailer for these tyres.

X-Guard tyres 23mm 285g (claimed)

Why use tubeless tyres?

The most important advantages of the TUBELESS:

  • Advantage 1: Rolling resistance
  • Normally there are two components. Tube and tire are constantly deformed. These flexing movements result in a loss of energy and increase the rolling resistance. If the tube is dispensed with, these negative factors are considerably reduced.

  • Advantage 2: Goodbye blowouts
    Tubeless tires offer more safety: In case of a puncture, the air does not escape suddenly, but slowly. The crash risk is also distinctly minimized. And no more tubes mean no more tube blowouts. A vital increase in safety for extremely dangerous tube blowouts (e.g., through overheating on long, steep descents, or valves shearing off) are excluded as well.
  • Advantage 3: Puncture risk vey low – with liquid sealant
    The IRC tubeless tyre is seated firmly and tightly. However, we recommend also using Zefal/Continental or similar latex sealant. For this active puncture protection system functions just as well in racing bike tires as it does in the case of mountain bikes. Virtually all defects are immediately sealed again. Only really serious damage (such as sidewall cuts) can still delay the ride.
  • Advantage 4: Less pressure. More performance.
    The TUBELESS tire reaches its peak performance with less pressure (1 bar less than normal folding tires). This means improved rolling behaviour, better cornering grip and very good traction. 

The Cycle Clinic builds wheels with tubeless compatible rims;

Pacenti SL23

BORG22 and 31 wheels and soon BORG50 tubeless carbon clinchers. 

Ryde Pulse Sprint

Velocity Aileron disc brake rim

Pacenti SL25 disc brake rim

So we offer the complete package and can fit the tryes for you. We recommend Stans yellow tape to go with you tyres and Zefal latex sealant.