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Product Image IRC Intezzo tyre 650B/700C

IRC Intezzo wire bead tyre 650B/700C


IRC's new commuter tire, Intezzo, comes with an anti-flat belt all around the tire and reflector tapes on the sidewall. The tread pattern is specially designed for improving a smooth ride on an unpaved road and control in wet surface condition. For your safety on longer rides, Intezzo is the one.

HE 26 x 1.75 steel 45-75 psi / 3.0-5.0 bars 780g
WO 700 x 28c steel 80-100 psi / 65.5-7.0 bars 560g
WO 700 x 32c steel 95 psi / 6.5 bars 595g
WO 700 x 35c steel 80 psi / 5.5-7.0 bars 660g
WO 700 x 38c steel 80 psi / 5.5 bars 800g
WO 650 x 50B(27.5 x 2.00)NEW steel - -
WO700 x 50c(29 x 2.00))NEW steel - -

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