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Product Image Kinlin XR200 700c wheelset weight  from 1205g

Kinlin XR200 700c wheelset weight from 1205g


The Kinlin XR200 rim is 19mm wide and 22mm deep. It's a non tubeless clincher rim. The whole reason for this wheelset is its light. This rim is the lightest production rim available.

The spoke count is 24F/28R. The spoke used are Sapim CX Ray's. Alloy nipples are used. CX Ray's are used not because they are aero spokes but because spoke twist is avoided. Spoke twist can weaken the spoke and on wheels with rims this light that's may lead to problems. 

Your going to ask about weight limits well I have to say it's around 80kg. However that does not mean heavy riders cannot use them. It more depends how you ride. I weigh more and would be fine on them. It's the way I ride. 

Three hubsets are offered. 

Bitex Raf/Raf12 which are cheap light hubs with 48 points of engagement using a clever 6 pawl freehub with 24t ratchet ring. The pawl operate in two groups. Shimano and campagnolo freehubs are available.

Carbon Ti X hubs are lightweight hubs that use a 56t ratchet ring and 4 pawl freehub available in shkmank campagnolo or SRAM XDR. The hubs are reliable due to there decent sized SKF bearings. Freehub bearings can be replaced too.

Extralite Cyber SL and Cyber rear. These are extremely  light weight hubs that uses 6803 bearings. They are quite reliable. Shimano, campagnolo or XDR freehubs are available.

Weight with  bitex hubs is 1315g

Weight with carbon ti hubs 1255g

Weight with Extralite hubs 1205g

Recommended tyre width 20mm to 25mm. 


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