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Product Image Novatec D791 or D792 disc brake hubs 6 bolt, Q/R or thru axle

Novatec D791 or D792 disc brake hubs 6 bolt, Q/R or thru axle


Available in the drop down menu is the;
  • D791 front hub 
  • D792 rear hub 
What you get in each option;
  • The D791 hub is the front hub plus 5mm Q/R skewer or for 100x15mm axle for 6 bolt rotors.
  • The D792 hub is the 8/8/10/11 compatible speed rear hub for 6 bolt rotors, 5mm Q/R skewer or for 142x12mm axle and 1.85mm spacer to allow the use of 8/9/10 speed cassettes on a 11 speed freehub.

The hubs can be converted to 100x15mm (thread fit end caps) and 100x12mm (push fit - they fit) front axle and 142x12mm rear axle with kits sold seperatley. Shimano, Campagnolo freehubs and SRAM XD drivers are also available in a separate listing.

I buy the hubs as Q/R and the end caps/axle seperatley so spares/conversion kits are always available but this does means the thru axle variants cost more. 

Hub dimensions:
Left flange PCD 58mm
Right flange PCD 45mm
Left flange to centre 21mm
Right flange to centre 36mm

Left flange PCD 58mm
Right flange PCD 49mm
Right flange to centre 21mm
Left flange to centre 34mm

HG stands for hyperglide and that means a shimano/sram compatible 8/9/10/11 speed freehub. CA stands for Campagnolo so that a 9/10/11 speed campagnolo compatible freehub body. 
The 10/11 HG speed hub can be used on MTB's/CX/road bikes with 8/9/10 speed drivetrains as it comes with  a spacer for 8/9/10 speed cassettes.

The weight of these hubs is 420g for a pair (150g front and 270g rear). They come with skewers with all hubs and are 6 bolt disc rotor fitting. 

I can build these hubs in to wheels with Kinlin rims (see BORG23 or BORG29 wheelset) or Velocity blunt SS or 35 rims. These are the rims I prefer as they are nice and stiff. Plenty of lighter rims are not stiff and not nice to build with.