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Product Image Novatec freehub bodies for Shimano (ABG) and Campagnolo Type  B2

Novatec freehub bodies for Shimano (ABG) and Campagnolo Type B2


Please read this listing in full and do not buy this freehub if your hub is not listed. 


(If you know the freehub fits another hub not listed then let me know please).

Type B2 freehubs come in four forms all run on a on a 15mm axle, have 2 bearings and  3 or 4 pawls. Since the 4 pawl body fits in place of the 3 pawl body. You must use the spacer that comes with the 4 pawl body though as the spacer for the 3 pawl body is different. 

  1. Type B2 9/10/11 speed shimano ABG freehubs 3 pawl
  2. Type B2 8/9/10/11 speed alloy Shimano/SRAM freehub (ABG) 4 pawl
  3. Type B2 8/9/10/11 speed steel Shimano /SRAM 4 pawl
  4. Type B2 11/12 Speed SRAM XD alloy driver 4 pawl
  5. Type B2 12 Speed SRAM XDR alloy driver 4 pawl
  6. Type B2 11/12 Speed SRAM XD steel driver 4 pawl
  7. Type B2 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo freehub 3 pawl

These freehubs are comaptible with;

  • Ambrosio Zenith superlight hubs
  • CRC Prime wheels
  • Pro-Lite Bracciano C50T, Gavia C50T, Gavia Caliente Revo A21 6 bolt and centrelock, Bracciano Caliente, Revo C28, Bracciano A42 (SE), Bortola C28W, Bortola A21W, Gavia Volante and the Paula wheels. 
  • Roval Fusee (please check your axle is 15mm diameter as I am unsure if all model years use the Type B2 freehub)
  • Novatec F682/F782 SB
  • Novavetc F482/F582 SB and SB-SL hubs
  • Novatec FS62CB/FS72CB
  • Novatec FS522CB/FS622CB
  • Novatec D412/512 CB
  • novatec D412/512SB
  • Novatec DS52SB
  • Novatec D772 SB
  • Noavtec D782SB
  • Novatec D792SB
  • Novatec CXD hubs
  • Novatec D712/D702SB
  • Novatec F742/F842 SB
  • Novatec D992 SB
  • Novatec D882 SB
  • Novatec DH82SB
  • Novatec DH12SB
  • Novatec D362SB
  • Novatec wheels using an alloy freehub (2 cartridge bearings) with a 15mm bearing ID 
  • Powertap G3 hub but you need to use your exisiting end and seal for the shimano freehub and your end cap and seal supplied for the campagnolo freehub. 

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