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Product Image Novatec type B2 ABG 11 speed Shimano freehub body

Novatec freehub bodies for Shimano (ABG) and Campagnolo Type A, B2 and C -Fits Powertap and Pro-Lite wheels


If the hub you have are not on the list below please do not buy one of these freehubs as it won't fit!!!
Also the End caps supplied may not fit your hub, they fit Novatec F172/272 (type A) or F482 hubs (type B2). i do not stock a full range of Novatec end caps as there are too many and the compability list would be cumbersome and confusing to say the least. Reuse your existing end caps. 

(if you know the freehub fits another hub not listed then let me know please).

Novatec freehubs explained. All 11 speed shimano/sram freehub bodies come with a 1.85mm spacer to allow the use of 8/9/10 speed shimano/sram cassettes
notes on fitting. the end caps supplied only work with certain novatec hubs not all and not powertap hubs. If you are fitting the freehub to a power tap hub you must replace the outer seal on the supplied freehub with the one from your old powertap freehub due to the end cap differences. 

Type A freehubs come in three forms and all run on a 12mm axle, have two 6901 bearing/3pawls;
  1. Type A 8/9/10 speed Shimano/SRAM 
  2. Type A  8/910/11 speed shimano/SRAM  ABG freehub (anti bite guard a steel strip on one of the splines to stop serious notching)
  3. Type A 9/10/11 speed campagnolo freehubs
These freehub's are compatible with;
  • Ambrosio Zenith hubs
  • Pro-lite Merano A25W and Verona A25W
  • Novatec F172SB/F272 SB
  • Noavtec D352SB
  • Novatec F162SB/F262SB
  • Novatec F372/F472SB
  • Novatec D352/D452SB
  • Novatec F282/F382 CB and SB
  • Novatec DS12SB
  • Novatec FS12/FS22 CB and SB
  • Novatec D812SB
  • Novatec D042SB
  • Novatec F062SB
  • Old Power tap hubs with a 12mm diameter axle (take your freehub off and measure)
  • Novatec wheels using an alloy freehub (2 cartridge bearings) with a 12mm bearing ID 

Type B2 freehubs come in five forms all run on a on a 15mm axle, have 2 bearings and  4 pawls for the shimano 11 speed/XD freehub. Since the 4 pawl body fits in place of the 3 pawl body. You must use the spacer that comes with the 4 pawl body though as the spacer for the 3 pawl body is different. 

  1. Type B2 9/10/11 speed campagnolo freehubs 3 pawl
  2. Type B2 8/9/10/11 speed Shimano/SRAM freehub (ABG) 4 pawl
  3. Type B2 11/12 Speed SRAM XD driver 4 pawl

These freehubs are comaptible with;

  • Ambrosio Zenith superlight hubs
  • CRC Prime wheels
  • Pro-Lite Bracciano C50T, Gavia C50T, Gavia Caliente Revo A21 6 bolt and centrelock, Bracciano Caliente, Revo C28, Bracciano A42 (SE), Bortola C28W, Bortola A21W, Gavia Volante and the Paula wheels. 
  • Roval Fusee (please check your axle is 15mm diameter as I am unsure if all model years use the Type B2 freehub)
  • Novatec F682/F782 SB
  • Nvavetc F482/F582 SB and SB-SL hubs
  • Novatec FS62CB/FS72CB
  • Novatec FS522CB/FS622CB
  • Novatec D412/512 CB
  • novatec D412/512SB
  • Novatec DS52SB
  • Novatec D772 SB
  • Noavtec D782SB
  • Mavatec D792SB
  • Novatec CXD hubs
  • Novatec D712/D702SB
  • Novatec F742/F842 SB
  • Novatec D992 SB
  • Novatec D882 SB
  • Novatec DH82SB
  • Novatec DH12SB
  • Novatec D362SB
  • Novatec wheels using an alloy freehub (2 cartridge bearings) with a 15mm bearing ID 
  • Hunt wheels (all models) although some of there freehubs are the light weight type B2 but this freehub is interchangeable.
Type C freehub are for 8/9/10 speed Shimano/SRAM cassette run on a 10mm axle and fit
  • F292SB
  • F392SB
  • and other Novatec hubs that use a 10mm axle
Type XS 
1) 6 pawl freehub body 11/12 speed XD driver
2) 6 pawl freehub body 8/9/10 speed Shimano
  • D542SB
  • DH42SB

A 10 speed hub can be converted to 11 speed with with the relevant freehub body.
The older power tap hubs and novatec hubs with a 15mm axle may need the inner seal (between the freehub and hub shell) and from the old freehub to used in place of the new one as they are different.