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Product Image Pacenti Forza Wheelset

Pacenti Forza Wheelset tubeless ready


The Pacenti Forza is the third iteration of there road rim. It address the problems with the V2 SL23 rims which I can assure you there were many. 

The factory has changed - Sun Ringle no longer make them as a result they are round and flat. There is no silly plate at the join to rattle loose anymore. The rim is heavier averaging 480g which means it is alot stiffer and it should be more robust. The spoke nipple bed is also thicker.

The rims is 24mm wide, 20mm internal width, 25mm deep and the rear rim is aysmmetric with a 2.5mm offset. The brake track is 10mm deep. 

The aysmmetric rim means higher non drive side spoke tension and therefore a more reliable wheel. The mass and the rounded shape of the rim mean a very stiff rear wheel. 

The spoke used are black laser front and force rear. Sapim HM nipple washers are used along with 14mm black alloy self locking nipples. I avoid nipple failure by using a corrosion inhibitor on the spoke threads and spoke that are just the right length. 

The hubs used are Miche Primato syntesi because they are simply very good at being hubs. Big 6001 bearings, a 12mm steel rear axle and very spare part is available should you need it. Freehub option are Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed or Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed.

Other hubs can be used like White Industries T11, Carbon ti for lighter rider as the spoke count is lower, Extralite Campagnolo Record.....

The spoke count is sensible at 24F/28R.  I would suggest a weight limit of 100kg. 

Rear wheel weight is 965g

Front wheel weight is 740g

These are not the lightest wheels I build but they are very stiff and look good. So that your reason for buying them. The weight limit will be conservative so dont take it too seriously. 

the wheel are supplied tubeless ready with tubeless tape, valves and IRC tyre levers. however standard clinchers can be used. 

The Cycle Clinic offer IRC tubeless tyres (Roadlite, RBCC , Fusion X-guard or Light) and IRC clinchers with Continental inner tubes (Aspite) with these wheels because IRC have the best rubber compounds on the market.