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Product Image Royce Venus Campagnolo rear hub

Royce road hubs mid flange front or Venus rear


Made in England by Royce UK. These hubs are simply perfection. Stainless steel axles, big NTN 6001 bearings for the rear hub, titanium freehub body for 11 speed shimano or Campagnolo. 

Campagnolo hubs get a Ti lockring supplied as Royce still use the old 9 speed lockring thread. You pick an 11T lockring or a 12T+ lockring.

The finish on the hubs is perfect. First the hubs are polished and then anodised to give a lovely sating finish that is very corrosion resistant. 

You can opt for Royce's greasing system which allows you to grease the pawls without taking the wheel out of the bike. Royce also make beautiful stainless steel Q/R skewers to go with these hubs. 

They may not be light but there is no better hubset you can buy.


Flange PCD 45mm

Centre flange to centre hub 17mm/35mm


Flange PCD 43mm

Centre flange to centre flange 67mm


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