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Product Image Token thread fit TF24 bottom bracket bb30, PF30, BB86 and BB92/89.5

Token Ninja threadfit 5n1 BB841T bottom bracket BB30, PF30, BB86 and BB92/89.5


Before buying make sure its your BB thats creaking. assume nothing with creaks. First of all BB clonk not creak. Clonks tend to be rythmic with the pedal stroke. Creaks are nomally something else, Check chainring bolts, thru axles/Q/R's saddles/seatpost fixings, pedals/pedal thread/pedal cleats. My look creaked/clonked rythmically I thought it might be the BB again but it was my cleats. Never assume. If the BB creaks after fitting correctly then either the frame is past it/out of spec or it was never the BB in the first place. There have been too many returns and yet I know as one customer found after taking my adivse PTFE tape on the left greased pedal thread made the noise go away. Trust me I'm a mechanic. 

The thread fit BB can solves creaking issues that are due to the BB as the cups are pulled into the frame via a thread. Thus making the Token bottom bracket a cost effective solution to creaky press fit bottom brackets. Also more reliable than the OEM ofering in your bike. 

Token thread fit BB to fit the following (the BB comes in a box with various cups to adapt to the different standard).

Will fit these FRAME TYPES:

  • BB30
  • PF30
  • BB86
  • BB89.5/BB92
  • CRANKSET TYPE : Shimano HTII 24mm spindle
  • steel or ceramic bearings
Creaking press fit BB's are a common problem. Token's thread fit BB solves this by using a threaded sleeves to pull the cups into the BB shell so the fit is tight. 

Token house the bearings in an alloy shell and wrap it with plastic and fibre. This fusion of the three materials provides the bearings a solid platform to sit on and extends their lives. A lot of people would be satisfied with this, but Token his ties the frame, cranks and bottom bracket together to they can’t move.

The Thread Fit bottom bracket doesn’t just solve the problem of noisy bottom brackets - it actually improves the life of the bottom bracket and makes your bike more responsive. There aren’t many times a replacement part actually improves your bike but put one on your bike and you’ll wonder why you didn’t install a Thread Fit sooner.

Available in standard (premium bearings) or TBT (ceramic bearings) option.


 Requires Park Tool BBT69.2. or similar.

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