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Product Image Velocity Veloplugs - a light weight rim tape alternative

Velocity Veloplugs - a light weight rim tape alternative


Well if you don't know what Veloplugs are read on.  Rim tape is used on the 99% of bicycle wheels to stop the inner tube puncture on the spoke or on the spoke holes. It does however weight at least 15g per wheel (depending on the size of the wheel). Some rim tape on road wheels can weight 20g or more. Thick rim tape can make fitting a tight tyre, even more difficult. Some rim tape is not very good at protecting the inner tube from spoke hole punctures.

The Velocity Velo plug is the best alternative to cloth rim tape about. Cloth rim tape like Velox Jante De Fonde is an excellent rim tape but if you want to remove some more weight from the bike the Veloplugs are the answer.

They come in two sizes;

  •  Red plugs fit non-eyeleted rims with 7.7-8.3mm diameter holes
  • Yellow plugs fit eyeleted rims and most rims with 8.7-9.3mm diameter web holes

32 Veloplugs weighs just 5g. They just pop into the spoke hole. They are removable and reuseable. 

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