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Product Image Wheels Manufacturing QR hub threaded steel axles front or rear for shimano, Campagnolo and taiwanese hubs

Wheels Manufacturing QR hub threaded steel axles front or rear sor shimano, Campagnolo and taiwanese hubs


 Wheels Manufacturing part may be more expensive than other brads but they are the best and they are all I use in the shop. A perfect replacement for those cherised hubs or converting your solid acle hub to quick release.

  • All axles are made with aircraft quality 4130 steel, specifically made for Wheels Manufacturing
  • Heat treated to increase strength without making the axle brittle
  • The threads are rolled, not cut, for the best thread strength and ease of assembly: the rolling of the thread removes no metal from the axle and preserves the grain of the material, maximising strength

9x1mm axles are for the front wheel. 9mm axle diameter and a 1mm thread

9x26 TPI is used by some campagnolo front hubs

10x1mm axles are for the rear wheel. Shimano hubs comonly use these axles. 10x1 is the thread (10mm diameter and 1mm thread). 

9.5x26 axles are used on the rear axle of some taiwanese hubs and Some Campagnolo front hubs (HB-CH004 cone is for 9.5mmx26TPI axles for example).

10x26mm axles are used on campagnolo hubs and maybe some others.

Q/R axles are available in the following lengths. 

110mm axles are for 100mm OLD front hubs

137mm axles are for 126mm OLD rear hubs

141mm axles are for 130mm OLD rear hubs

146mm axles are for 135mm OLD rear hubs

OLD is over locknut dimension. Look this up on sheldon brown's site if you are not sure. It may not be the same as your dropout spacing if the wrong hub has been fitted into your frame. 

Solid axles are longer measure your current axle length and pick the closest one. 

Any questions call or e-mail.


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