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Campagnolo ergo shifter and repair

At The Cycle Clinic we can undertake service and repair all Campagnolo 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed ergo shifters.

8 speed models use the ultra type shifter which allows multiple shifts and a micro ratchet for the front derailleur. While replacement paddles and thumb levers might be a problem worn g springs and spring carriers are not. Upgrade to 10 speed is possible.

9 speed ergo again use many parts that can be taken from 10 speed ergos so again these can be repaired or even upgraded to 10 speed.

Escape type 9 speed ergos can be repaired too. Escape shifters use a ratchet and pawl system (escapement) so are very simple. Paddles from a 10 speed ergo can be used to keep them going. However it probably is not cost effective. The EC-VL100 and VL101 is the only current replacement ergo body for second generation  escape ergo's (9 speed and 10 speed) but its a 10 speed part. So if you buy a right hand body your upgrading to 10 speed. The left hand ergo body is a straight swap for any escape shifter. Your 9 speed RD will work fine with a 10 ergo and cassette.

10 speed ultra shifters (BB system  micron or it other names second generation shape) can be serviced. Replacement springs and spring carriers can rectify most shifter that have stopped shifting well or just stopped shifting. Replacement thumb shifters and paddles are also possible. 

There are two current ergo body spares that can be used for mirage, veloce, centaur, chorus or records ultra shifters, EC -CH100/101 and EC-RE200/201. These are direct swaps for any shifter of this type. Any spares beyond G springs and spring carriers come from dismantled ergo bodies of these part numbers. 

10/11/12 speed ultra shift repairs are generally served by replacement ergo bodies of which we stock them all. Repair is possible and altering an ergo to work with post 2015 11 speed cable pull is possible along with changing any of these ergo's to work with a different speed cassette. So 10 speed ultrashift ergo's can be altered to be 12 speed compatible. However the parts for these repairs or conversions come from dismantled ergo bodies. We do have however spare lever 2 and Lever 3's to repair ergo with paddles or thumb shifter that have failed. 

If you have a job for us contact us and we can advise. Send shifters by tracked postage with return address and phone number/email. All work to be paid for once completed before we send it back. Postage back is with royal mail special delivery only in the u.k or UPS if abroad. We can take no responsibility for lost items. Hence the insured postage as we can at least put a claim in. 

Happy shifting.

In order to complete a repair, send your shifter to us with enclosed on paper your name, shipping and billing address, phone number and email address all in legable writing. I will not accept details by email. If those details are not on paper i will not start the repair. 


Mirage, Veloce, Centaur or Chorus 9 or 10 speed Ultra shifters (muliple up and down clicks) cost £76.38 to service a pair of shifters. New hoods are £18.

Shipping is £8.60 for mainland U.K. If your posting shifters from abroad remember that and import taxes I have to pay will be added to your bill. 

Record 9 and 10 speed ergo cost £88.80 to service given they use a lighter spring carrier part. New hoods are £18

Other spare parts are available such as shifter  controls and some other parts. These are priced individually. 





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