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19 Mar

Light clinchers Mavic Open Pro UST on extralite lite hubs 1293g

Posted by Bold Apps

While lighter is possible with alloy rims this set of Mavic Open Pro UST rims 24F/28R laced to Extralite Cyber Sl2 and Cyber hubs with Sapim CX ray spokes has a mass of 1293g. That for a 24mm wide alloy clincher rimmed wheelset with a decent spoke count. 

Stans Alpha 340 rims would be lighter but they are crap rims. Tubeless tyres fall away from the rim without air making them impractical in the long run and tubed tyres dont always stay put at 100 psi. Kinlin XR200 rims are not tubeless compatible and are very narrow at 19mm wide. So these rims dont really meet the needs of customers anymore. 

Mavic Yskion UST II tyres have been fitted. They look like the previous version and the previous version is fine, I  that they grip well and are comfortable. Puncture resistance is fair and the hold air well being a UST tyre. They weight a claimed 260g each. With tape valves and tyres mass goes up to 1022g rear and 900g for the front. 

They are reasinably stiff (compared to the wheels I normally build), light practical wheel. The hubs may be sub 200g for the pair but if you smear the supplied grease or equivalent over the freehub mechanism and a marine grease over the bearing seals you will get good bearing life. The hub maintenance is minimal and they require no special tool to maintain. 

So if you want light and practical then get in touch. If you want the lightest clincher and sod practicality/reliability  then there are other wheel builders. Although I build carbon tubular rimmed wheelset under 1000g. Those are proper light and I think tubs are practical. 


12 Mar

Miche cassettes- why you should use them.

Posted by Bold Apps

Miche make versatile cassettes for Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo 11 speed, 10 speed, 9 speed and 8 speed campagnolo. I also supply a casstte for 8 speed campagnolo that fits on a 9/1011/12 speed campagnolo freehub body allowing the use modern wheels.

All Miche cassettes are manufactured in Italy. They are made from separate sprockets with no carriers. The steel plate in stamped then further machining work for the shifting ramps and cutouts are done. The last position 1 speed sprockets are available in aluminium which cuts mass abit.

Miche make the sprockets so they dont notch aluminium freehub bodies when the cassette lockring is torque to 40Nm to 50Nm. A torque wrench must be used. Lockrings and lockring threads can take this torque. If you damage a lockring or thread it is simply due to poor fitting like cross threading, dirty threads or a poorly fitting tool. These things are easily avoided. 

Miche sprockets are thicker than shimano sprockets which reduces there ability to notch an alloy freehub and increase sprocket stiffness which in turn improves shifting. Miche spacers are there for thinner than Shimano spacers. This also applies to Campagnolo. So for 10 and 11 speed miche sprockets and spacers are not I interchangeable with Shimano or Campagnolo sprockets and spacers. With 8 and 9 speed the difference is less important and good shifting can still be achieved with sprocket swaps. 

Shimano cassettes therefore notch alloy freehub more than Miche sprockets do. 

The Cycle Clinic also stocks replacement sprockets and spacers so worn sprockets can be replaced without changing the whole cassette. This means if your like me and wear out a small group of sprockets and the rest have little wear then the Miche cassette is far less wasteful. 

Shifting is as good as Shimano or Campagnolo cassette. Wear life is similar too. The cassette options I list are fixed. I don't offer customisation simply because I can get it wrong. I have to know what I am picking without having to refer to emails to pick and pack efficiently. Also most customs request will not shift as well. 

I also dont list the cassette weights and have no I terest in doing so. These cassette do weigh more than a shimano 105 cassette but have similar weight to a Campagnolo Centuar 11 speed casette if co.paring the 11-32T. The reason is the construction. Campagnolo Centaur is made from separate steel sprockets but the 105 cassette uses a alloy carrier for the last three sprockets. So if you care about low weight dont buy the miche cassette but you also are accepting more freehub notching and throwing away cassettes before all the sprockets worn. Also shimano dont offer many ratio options. 

One last reason to pick them is the ratios available. Youth racer can have a full range of gears with 14, 15 and 16t start 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes for Shimano and Campagnolo. Also people who are not needing the 11 or 12t start sprockets can have a 13, 14, 15 or 16t start cassettes. Chains and sprockets wear more quickly on the smaller sprockets simply because the chain has to articulate (bend) more to drive them. On my commutor bike I use a 16-29t because it a heavy bike and 53-16t is the smallest gear I can reasonably use anyway. Chins last three times longer than with a 12-29t because of that 12 is available I use it even though I dont need to. 

With miche start sprocket are 11t to 16t and finish sprockets 21t to 32t and 34t for shimano 11 speed. 

Simply these are great sensible cassettes which dont try to flash and eye catching. 

Here are my listings for complete cassettes. There are sprocket listing too in the cassettes section.

Shimano 11 speed

Campagnolo 11 speed

 Shimano 10 speed

Campagnolo 10 speed

Shimano 9 speed

 Campagnolo 9 speed

Campagnolo 8 speed/Miche M drive

Campagnolo 8 speed/Miche Mdrive for campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehubs















19 Jan

Cannondale Ai (asymmetric integration) available on BORG wheels

Posted by Bold Apps

Well Cannondale introduced this for a number of there bikes.

What is Ai (asymmetric stays)? Well put simply it is the drivetrain being moved 6mm to the right meaning the stays are no longer symmetric. This has the effect of changing the dish by 6mm. So wheels built for a bike with symmetric stays cannot be used in a bike with Ai. It is not possible to redish wheels either to acco.adte this standard as spoke lengths will be 1mm off. I wont do it other may but it's a mistake as its building potential problems for the wheel. 

The upside is tensions are more even.

All disc brake wheels I build with the BORG DX hubs can be built for the AI standard. I can rebuild wheels built for symmetric stays with new spokes of the correct length for th AI standard. Some hubs may not be suitable due to there geometry but most rear hubs are suitable. 

Ai bikes are all 12m TA. 

I do dispute cannondale claim that radial and lateral wheel stifness increased by using Ai.  Making spoke tensions even does not increase wheel stiffness. Lateral stiffnes is actually reduced by a couple of percent due to reduction in the left side bracing angle. The left side bracing angle  contributed more to lateral stiffnes than the right side. That geometry and cant be argued with. Radial stiffness will be reduced as the right spoke bracing angle is increased. So the upto 60% claim in cookoo land territory. There is a weak link between tension balance and radial and lateral stiffness but since disc brake wheels have good tension balance to begin with the improvement of evening the tensions is very limited. In principle you can increase the loads required to detension spokes (often confused with stifness) but have tou tried loading a wheel till the spokes detension on  Borg wheel. Not easy. So as with all thing take the marketing with a pinch of salt. However Cannondale use it and if you like there bikes using this design feature you need compatible wheels. The Cycle Clinic builds great wheels for these bikes. 

From cannondale's website


The heart of the Scalpel-Si and F-Si System Integration is the all-new, Ai, asymmetrically offset rear triangle and drivetrain. The offset shifts the rear hub and drivetrain 6mm to the right, delivering super short chainstays without any of the usual compromises, and a rear wheel that is dramatically stiffer and stronger because the spoke tension and angles are equal on both sides. We then integrate this with our new Ai HollowGram spider, which moves the chainrings an equal 6mm to the right, balancing the system and maintaining perfect chain-line, shifting performance and Q-factor. This elegantly simple approach - Ai - enables us to have our cake and eat it too. The extra space created by shifting the drivetrain outboard enables us to have:

  • The shortest chainstays on the market, for incredible traction,
  • Stiffness and agility.
  • Up to 60% increase in rear wheel stiffness.
  • Dual chainring compatibility with super short stays.
  • Tons of mud clearance.
  • Ample tire clearance with the chain and front derailleur.



It started being used in 2017. Cannondale dont state on there website which model use this design feature. There catalogues do. The Cycle Clinic are not Cannondale dealers so it is not easy for us to identify which models have this feature. Before ordering please ensure your bike has Ai,this is best done with Cannondale or  knowledgeable Cannondale dealer. 

In the 2019 catalogue the SuperX, Jekyell 29 and 27.5,  Scalpel SE and Scalpel Si used Ai. However there maybe other models too. 

I have been stung once before with an american customer ordering wheels for Ai then using them briefly and returning them because they did not fit his bike. His credit card company forced a refund (I was going to refund anyway but no one like being forced to do something). Therefore it is important you check first. I like customers who trust me if they do I can help them. 





03 Jan

Tyre pressuree

Posted by Bold Apps

Well what you think you know is probably wrong. Let's start there.

Let's start with a manufacturers recommended tyre pressure. These are not to used. The standards organisation has an approved test using a steel rim to se when a tyre blows off. Half that pressure is the recommended tyre pressure. It's a range due to variability but it's also way too high. 

Back in 2015 when I got my first IRC tubeless RBCC tyres myself and others noted at 90 psi for a 25mm tyres (that sat at 27.5nm on a 19mm internal width rim) the tyre felt faster. What was described is zing however that road buzz is exactly what you dont want. 

Road buzz is energy lost. You get this with wheels when manufacturers build a wheel that has zing. Smoothness is better. Smoothness is less energy lost. That's faster.

There is no relationship that works between rider weight and pressure as it far too dependent on road surfaces.

So to work out for a tubular  tubeless or tubed clincher the correct pressure find a typical loop. Pick a starting pressure for a tubeless road tyre that's no more than 80 psi try it out. Your looking for smoothness I.e no buzz. Continue dropping until you feel tyre squirm in the bends

 Squirm or pedal bob means the pressure is too low. The point at which there is no squirm and you have no road buzz that your min pressure and possibly the lowest rolling resistance. Your max pressure is just below the point where you start to feel road buzz. Rolling resistance

between these two points should not be that different but on most U.K road surfaces lower seems to be better.

This works for road, MTB, gravel or CX tyres of all types. The physics is the same. 

For IRC road tyres and me 80 psi seems to be the point at which road buzz starts to become noticeable is 80 psi for a 28mm Formula Pro RBCC tyre. At 30 psi I cant really feel squirm but can bottom the tyre out. So 40 psi seems to be the minimum. 50to 60 psi is what I normally use now. With panniers I may push it up a bit. I am nearly 90kg kitted up and generally ride road biked 9 to 14kg in weight without extra load in panniers. 


19 Dec

Cycling Weekly Editors Choice 2020

Posted by Bold Apps

The BORG31 made it. £380 without tyres and £490 with. Rim brakes are not dead yet. What makes these wheels special is the details.

Alloy nipples save a bit of weight but ha e a bad reputation. Yet alloy nipples failures are practically unheard of for me. I use Sapim HM washers so the nipple is easier to turn, Sapim nipple freeze stops galavanic corrosion or slows it to a crawl and thirdly my spokes are the correct length. Do all three and alloy nipes last. 

Another detail is the spokes

 Sapim CX-rays are used on the front wheel (nothing u usual there) but Sapim CX Force are used on the rear. This is a triple utted aero spoke. It not listed on the Sapim website as it's an OEM spoke. Its 2.18mm at the elbow and 2.2mmx1.3mm for the aero mid section. 

Next are the hubs. Flange to flange distance is an overlooked miche hubs have 55mm flange to flange distance for the rear hubs. DT swiss have 50mm for comparison. That 5mm makes a big difference. 

To improve tension balance a rim with a 3mm offset is used. Tension balance is therefore 53% which is not bad for an 11 speed hub. This mean even with tubeless tyres which cause a big tension drop (250N on the drive side) spokes will never go slack. Using A DT Swiss hub would result in  high tension balance but a wheel that is less stiff laterally. So not only will the wheel feel less responsive but it wont be any more relaible because more spoke tension does not improve reliability. Spokes tension/lenght changes are the cause of fatigue when a wheel experiences load. A wheel that is less stiff experiences larger changes in spoke tension/length when the wheel is loaded. So just because DT Swiss or other hubs with a strong brand name does not mean it better. 

Miche hubs also use big 6001C3 bearings with 2RS seals. They well sealed from the elements.

This makes for a very stiff wheelset with  small aero advantage

 They handle well and are comfortable. They also offer proper tubeless compatibility. By this I mean, tubeless tyres inflate easily and seat but they stay seated without air which is a critical feature. This makes selant top up easy and fix flats easier with a plug. 

I try and think all this through so you dont ha e to and can enjoy the ride. 

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