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Tech Page

Frequently asked questions regarding cycling

How to install tubeless tyres. 

Easy really. 2 layers of tubeless rim tape need to be fitted. Some rims require more so the choosen tyre is a tight fit. Tape must be fotted with no kinks or bubbles.

Install valve tap and  it home with a rubber mallet. Secure the valve collar with pillars if you have too. A common source of leaks is the collar working loose with time. 

Install tyre. If you are not me you might need tyre levers. Flat one must be used. IRC, VAR RP42500, Park Tool TL4.2 or Campagnolo tyres levers are all suitable. Metal lever or traditionally shaped lever should not be used or damage to the tyre or rim may result.

Remove valve core and drain 30ml of latex sealant through an open syringe.

This video shows it all.