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Bicycle Servicing & Maintenance

The Cycle Clinic has a fully equipped workshop and the specialist knowledge to deal will all brands of drive train and bikes old and new. Also any advise that you are given freely, call in to discuss your needs.

What a service cover's

Well what is needed really. Modern bikes have different service requirements from bikes using more traditional components. For example, a modern MTB has hydraulic disc brakes, hubs, BB's and a headset that uses cartridge bearings and a we giving needs are minimal. Works normally needs to be carried when these parts are worn. 

We will be able to advise you what your bike needs once we see it - this cannot be done over the phone.

Servicing Rates:

As we are a Campagnolo Pro shop what ever the requirements of your Campagnolo equipped bicycle, The Cycle Clinic is best place to assist you. 

Basic service is £40. A full bike check will be conducted. Gear and brake setup will be done, wheels trued, chain lubed and drivetrain cleaned up. Parts required be charged on top of the service cost. Fitting if these parts may incur a labour rate surcharge.

More advanced servicing is charged based on time.

Labour rate - £30 inclusive of VAT.

A full service is £100 I am assuming up 3  and a bit hours work.  The bike will have the drivetrain cleaned, the bike will be cleaned too. Cables will be lubricated and if they need replacing they will be. Wheels will be serviced and trued. Gear and brake setup will be taken care off as will any other work it needs. Parts are charged as extra but the labour for fitting should be part of the service charge. I can do alot in 3hrs. 

If I think the bike needs more time than this you will be advised. 

We have the tools and the experience to deal with almost any kind of maintance on any brand of bicycle.

Bottom bracket changes on all standards, Campagnolo Power torque, Ultra Torque, BB30, PF30, BB86..................

Bottom bracket facing and tapping.

Headset facing and reaming

Crown race seat reaming.

Tapping of threaded steerer tubes.

Servicing of all hub types including replacement of Campagnolo bearing cups on the older threaded axle hubs

The above jobs however are examples of things I can do and like all work will be charged based on time taken.

Litterally everything that a bike needs The Cycle Clinic can do it*

*the exception is suspension fork or rear shock servicing I send these of the Dalby service centre or sussed out suspension*

One thing to note The Cycle Clinic does not do half jobs. If we feel the bike is not in safe condition to use after a service (i.e the customer does not agree to have essential parts replaced) we reserve the right to decline to carry out the work. Every bike that comes into the workshop must leave road legal and image safe condition to ride. 


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