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13 Dec

Velocity Deep V wheelset Chris King R45 hubs

Posted by Malcolm Borg

This is a very special wheelset. The Chris Kin R45 11 speed hubs are a improvement on the 10 speed hubs. The 10 speed hubs had the non drive side flange 34.6mm from the centre of the hub, tooo close in book. The NDS bracing angle is more important for lateral stiffness than the DS bracing angle, it is just the way the physics of structures works out. However the 11 speed hubs has the NDS flange 36.2mm from the centre as the DS flange has moved inboard by 2mm. This arrangement works better if using shallow rims and thin spokes. However this is not what has been done here.


So I coupled the gold R45 hubs to Velocity Deep V rims in 20F/24R spoke count. The spokes are Sapim Laser and the nipple gold Sapim alloy. A Laser spoke and alloy nipple weighs the same as a CX-ray spoke and alloy nipple but the Laser is stiffer.

The rim was picked because it is stiff which make up for the lack of spokes in this build. The wheels are for a light sub 75 kg customer so this low spoke count will work fine for him. The wheels are very stiff but they need to be as it reduces the ammount of unloading each spoke experiences during each revolution and that is important for low spoke count wheels less so for higher spoke count wheels.


The spoke lengths for the front are 271mm and the rear 279/277mm. These wheels are stiff and quite light.

Front 756g rear 907g.


Feast your eyes on these.



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