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10 Jul

Pacenti SL23 build with Royce Ti/cabon hubs

Posted by Malcolm Borg

Royce make in my opinion anyway the best bicycle hubs in the world. The bearings ae large 6001 NTN in the rear, steel axles, Ti freehub and the best finish there is. These hubs however are even more special. Ti flange and a carbon shell and a 2:1 (tiplet lacing pattern) for the rear. The rear non drive side flange has been pushed far out board to increase the bracing angle to compensate for the fact that the NDS only has 8 spokes. These wheels ae the stiffest I have ever built and are my wet weather/windy day race wheels although I will no doubt use them all the time.


Weight 1590g so not the lightest but the rims are wide and the wheels ae stiff so these don't slow me down. I decided against aero spokes because the lengths I needed were out of stock and I could not wait any longer.

Spoke count front = 20 sapim laser/alloy nipples spoke count rear 16 DS sapim race/alloy nipples 8 NDS sapim laser/alloy nipples.

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