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02 Jul

Pacenti SL23 V2 rims are now here

Posted by Malcolm Borg

The Cycle Clinic has managed to get hold of 5 pairs of the V2 Pacenti SL23 rims in 20H/24H rear. More rims are weeks away. The new rim is 417g in weight (+/- a bit) and is 25mm deep and 24.5mm wide. Internal width is now 20.2mm and the spoke nipple bed is thicker too. The well in the rim is deeper making tyre fitting easier (not that I ever had a problem with the old rim). The brake track height is shorter at 8mm vs 10mm for the old rim.

The wheelset pictured is for stock with sapim laser spokes and brass nipples and weighs 1520g with a cost of £344 +£15 shipping (mainland U.K). I will normally build with alloy nipples which will bring the weight down to under 1500g. 

So an already good rim has a got a bit better in some ways but has also got worse in one; the height of the brake track. The 18H rims are a way of so all 18F/24R builds will have to be with the old rim. Also 24F/28R builds for now are with the old rim. There is nothing wrong with it so why not go for them, plenty have and are happy.

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