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12 Mar

Miche cassettes- why you should use them.

Posted by Bold Apps

Miche make versatile cassettes for Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo 11 speed, 10 speed, 9 speed and 8 speed campagnolo. I also supply a casstte for 8 speed campagnolo that fits on a 9/1011/12 speed campagnolo freehub body allowing the use modern wheels.

All Miche cassettes are manufactured in Italy. They are made from separate sprockets with no carriers. The steel plate is stamped then further machining work for the shifting ramps and cutouts are done. The last position 11 speed sprockets are available in aluminium which cuts mass abit.

Miche make the sprockets so they dont notch aluminium freehub bodies when the cassette lockring is torque to 40Nm to 50Nm. This also ensures the correct spacing.  A torque wrench must be used. If you damage a lockring or thread it is simply due to poor fitting like cross threading, dirty threads or a poorly fitting tool. These things are easily avoided. 

Miche sprockets are thicker than shimano sprockets which reduces there ability to notch an alloy freehub and increase sprocket stiffness which in turn improves shifting and decreases noise. Miche spacers are therefore thinner than Shimano spacers. This also applies to Campagnolo. So for 10 and 11 speed miche sprockets and spacers are not interchangeable with Shimano or Campagnolo sprockets and spacers. With 8 and 9 speed the difference is less important and good shifting can still be achieved with sprocket swaps. 

The Cycle Clinic also stocks replacement sprockets and spacers so worn sprockets can be replaced without changing the whole cassette. This means if your like me and wear out a small group of sprockets and the rest have little wear then the Miche cassette is far less wasteful. 

Shifting is as good as Shimano or Campagnolo cassette. Wear life is similar too. The cassette options I list are fixed. I don't offer customisation simply because I can get it wrong. I have to know what I am picking without having to refer to emails to pick and pack efficiently. Also most customs request will not shift as well. 

I also dont list the cassette weights and have no interest in doing so. These cassette do weigh more than a shimano 105 cassette but have similar weight to a Campagnolo Centuar 11 speed casette if comparing the 11-32T. The reason is the construction. Campagnolo Centaur is made from separate steel sprockets but the 105 cassette uses a alloy carrier for the last three sprockets. So if you care about low weight dont buy the miche cassette but you also are accepting more freehub notching and throwing away cassettes before all the sprockets worn. Also shimano dont offer many ratio options. 

One last reason to pick them is the ratios available. Youth racer can have a full range of gears with 14, 15 and 16t start 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes for Shimano and Campagnolo. Also people who are not needing the 11 or 12t start sprockets can have a 13, 14, 15 or 16t start cassettes. Chains and sprockets wear more quickly on the smaller sprockets simply because the chain has to articulate (bend) more to drive them. On my commutor bike I use a 16-29t because it a heavy bike and 53-16t is the smallest gear I can reasonably use anyway. Chins last three times longer than with a 12-29t because of that 12 is available I use it even though I dont need to. 

With miche start sprocket are 11t to 16t and finish sprockets 21t to 32t and 34t for shimano 11 speed. 

Simply these are great sensible cassettes which dont try to flash and eye catching. 

Here are my listings for complete cassettes. There are sprocket listing too in the cassettes section.

Shimano 11 speed

Campagnolo 11 speed

 Shimano 10 speed

Campagnolo 10 speed

Shimano 9 speed

 Campagnolo 9 speed

Campagnolo 8 speed/Miche M drive

Campagnolo 8 speed/Miche Mdrive for campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehubs















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