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25 Jul

New IRC Formula Pro TL tyres

Posted by Bold Apps

IRC have new Formula Pro tyres due in August. 

Formula Pro Light TL, Formula Pro RBCC TL, Formula Pro X Guard TL tyres have recieved a overhaul for 2020. Initially available in 25mm and 28mm 700csizes with 30mm width being avilable later in the year.

IRC's proprietary technology that blends RB ceramic particles, a hard porous carbon material made from rice bran, into the tread rubber. The RB ceramic particles, which are extremely small (200-300㎛) and are hard, exert a micro-spike effect, and at the same time, have a high gripping power even on wet roads due to the porosity with an excellent water absorption effect. With this update, the rolling resistance is maintained, while the grip, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance are greatly improved. It has evolved into a compound that maintains a high grip on all road conditions, both dry and wet.


Due to the hard porous structure, it exerts a micro-level spike effect on the tread surface. Due to the abrasion of the tread rubber, new RBC particles appear on the face, and the traces that have fallen off also function as minute edges. In addition to the water absorption effect due to the porous body, the small holes that have fallen off temporarily hold water on the road surface like a foam rubber and cut the water film. Useful for improving grip on wet roads.

So the Formula Pro tyres will retain there reputation for unparalleled grip even on wet greasy winter roads.

IRC Formula pro tyres are cobbletastic. The tread extends to the sidewalls improving puncture and cut resistance. Perfect for rough roads.

The Formula Pro X Guard TL tyre gets the 40x40 TPI beadto bead puncture protection belt. This improves puncture protection by 40% over the RBCC tyre model. The X Guard belt is the difference between the two tyres. The X Guard belt being less flexible increases rolling resistance a bit and decreases comfort and grip a bit.


Technology that reduces rolling resistance of tubeless tires. The NR-TEX IAS, the tire's air retention layer = inner air seal is composed of a supple and highly repulsive natural rubber base (NR) compound to pursue faster and more supple performance. You'll like the comfort of these tyres.

180TPI casing. Well that says it all. Comfy.

Pinch flats are possible with tubeless tyres. Without bead protection a bead puncture can happen. While these can be plugged the repair is temporary. The old IRC Formula Pro RBCC tyre victim of these. The Formula Pro X Guard was not due to the bead to bead protection. So the new Formula Pro series get bead protection so all the tyres are now potholetastic or cobbletastic. 


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