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28 Feb

Set up of BORG DX hubs

Posted by Malcolm Borg

BORG DX rear hubs use bearing preload adjustment. This has to be set with the wheels fitted and secured to the bike.

The rotor and any adapter must be removed. Use a 1.5mm allen key to undo the grub screw on the left side of the hub and undo the adjuster.

Fit the wheels and secure them normally to the frame or fork. Advance the adjuster till there is just no side to side play. Secure the grub screw.

Remove the wheel and refit the rotor and the wheels can be refitted. 

To inspect the bearings or remove the freehub use a 12mm hex key on the left side and a 17mm spanner and undo the left end cap. At this point you can replace the axle, freehub or carry out any other maintenence job.

 The front hub has no preload adjustment. The end caps are push fit. There are two bearings in a shell. Therefore to inspect the bearings just remove the end caps.


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