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26 Nov

Why i like IRC tubeless tyres.

Posted by Malcolm Borg

This is why i like IRC tubeless tyres. I have over 4000km on the Formula Pro RBCC tyres. These tyres have rice bran used in the compound. They are very grippy (one of the best tyres i have tried), comfortable and they have low rolling resistance. They are race tyre but they are also durable. The front and rear barely shows any wear to the file thread pattern. I am starting to pick up a few cuts now and this morning something did finally make it through the rear tyre but the latex sealant did its job and plugged the hole. I did not have to stop. Bear in mind i have deliberaltey not been dodging gravel, ride in an aera with alot of flint and i have been riding them off road to see how much stick they can take. I put more air in the tyre at the shop and all is well. The are the tyres that Cycle Team On Form https://www.facebook.com/teamonform/ will be using next year. 

Punctures that heal thy self and tyres that seem not to wear out. Two more customers today saw the light too. Drop in and see for yorself.

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