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Product Image Carbon Ti X-hub road

Carbon Ti X-hub road front or rear.


Please note colours are not held in stock so a 1- 3 week lead time should be factored in to get them from carbon Ti. 

Carbon Ti hubs are made in italy from 7075-T6 alloy. These hubs have a heavily machined hub body and axle. They are very light but that is not at the expense of reliability. 

The front and rear hub feature proper bearing preload adjustment. The rear axle is large at 17mm diameter. The rear hub bearings are 1x 6903 and 3x 6803. The freehub is a 4 pawl design and has a loud click. 

Front hub weighs 58g and the rear is 160g. These are user serviceable hubs with a solid feel even though they are one of the lightest hub sets on the market.

The rear hub is available with Shimano 8/9/10/11/12 speed, Campagnolo 9/10/11/12 speed freehubs or SRAM XDR driver.

There is a choice of colours but only black hubs are kept in stock. colours will be ordered from the factory lead time can vary but I have not waited more than 3 weeks for a factory order yet. 

Spoke length advise can be provided and so can custom cut Sapim CX-ray spokes. 

Drilling available 20H front, 24H front, 24H rear and 28H rear. 

Hub dimensions are as follow

Front hub

PCD =29mm

Centre of flange to centre of hub =40mm

lacing pattern is radial only

OLD =100mm

Rear hub

 PCD right flange = 54.75mm

PCD left flange = 30mm

Centre right flange to centre hub = 17mm

Centre left flange to centre hub =37.6mm

OLD = 130mm

Left side is radial lacing only

Spoke hole to centreline of hub offset is 2mm. 


If you need assistance with spoke length calculation I can help. 

Technical document here




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