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Legally returns for any reason within  14 days have to honoured but we operate  a 30 window days from purchase.

For goods not as described or faulty:

  • Return the item to us and a refund in full will be given including your return costs. Courier collection can be arranged for bigger/heavier items.
  • For fitted items that you find to be defective then return it to us and we will honestly assess it. The item should not be dissasembled beyond what may be needed for fitting. Defective items are not knowingly sold so if it does not work we need to know. Most equipment sold in this shop is tested by me or used in the workshop. 
  • What does not count as defective is for example a wheel with the bearring preload set so there is some play. As part of fitting wheels is setting up bearing preload then this cannot be classed as a defect. A defect is something that prevents the proper function of the item for the use intended after inital setup is completed.

For goods ordered by mistake or no longer wanted:

  • The items need to be returned in unused condition or condition recieved. A refund is issued minus outgoing postage costs.



For customers outside the U.K any return with get a normal refund minus any import charges levied to us. If those charges are greater than the value of the goods because the wrong tarrif code has been used we will issue an invoice for that missing ammount. 


The manufacturers standard warranty applies for parts sold. For BORG wheels the warranty for rim brake hoops is for the life of the rim for disc brake wheels the warranty is for 5 years/10,000 miles which ever comes first.

The warranty covers fatigue failures this covers (and the excempotions)

  1. That is a spoke failure that is not the result of external damage
  2. Rim failure (cracking) at the spoke holes or other material defect
  3. tubeless tyre compatibility issues - if a range of tubeless tyre refuse to inflate then that is classed as a rim defect.
  4. Hub flange failure or other material defect in the hub
  5. Warranty is continues on wheels repaired by The Cycle Clinic only.


  1. Spoke failures that are the result of external damage. Damaged spokes will fail prematurely. Damage caused by derailleurs is a prim culprits. Bends in spokes cause by other objects is another causing of spoke failure. This is not warranty and is obvious once the wheel is inspected.
  2. Damaged rims invalidate the warranty on the wheel. Any spoke or nipples failure that result regardless of the time passed will not be classed as a warranty repair.
  3.  Brake track failure on carbon rims if the pads not authorised are used. Brake track overheating is in general not a warranty issue. There maybe some cases where it would be. Use of non authorised brake pads invalidates warranty. The only pads I recommend are Campagnolo BR-BO500 and BR-BO500X1. Baradine cork 453 pads are o.k as well. 
  4. Bearing failure is is general not a warranty. Bearing failure in the first few months of use come under sales of goods act and therefore would be honoured. Pressure washing of the hubs is not recommend as is the use of degreasers on the hub or cassette to clean them. Rock n Roll chainlube does not cause issues.
  5. Repairs carried out by other shops voids the warranty.

I dont think you will find a better warranty on wheels. 



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