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01 Aug

BORG wheels

Posted by Malcolm Borg

I have strong ideas about what makes a good wheelset. So I have created 9 of them.

BORG wheels come with life of the rims warranty against spoke failure but for disc brake rims this is limited to 5 years or 10,000 miles (as the rims don't wear out). Alloy rimmed wheels are also warrantied against rim cracking for the wear life of the rim (rim brake) or 10,000 miles/5 years (disc brake). Carbon rims have a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty against rim cracking that is not crash related (I tend not to quibble so I do warranties on trust). Carbon rimmed wheels are warrantied against spoke failure for the wear life of the rim. I would warranty the hubs but since I would fall over and faint if a Miche hub ever cracked a flange I dont think this will ever be necessary.

Warranty does not cover impact damage, damage to spokes that results in spoke failure. warranty does cover spoke failure through fatigue where no evidence of damage is evident and wheels going out of true. Warranty also covers rims cracking at the spoke holes and hub flange failures. Bearing wear is not covered under warranty.

Wider rims - all BORG wheels use rims that have 19mm internal width which increase tyre volume. This improves ride quality and as the shape of the tyre change the contact patch does too and the result is increased lateral grip. 

Offset drilled rims are great to improve tension balance and therefore longevity of spokes. Proper fitting tubeless tyres compress rims and drop spoke tension so wheels now need all the help they can get. The carbon rims being deeper dont have offset drilled rims. This would play havoc with the aerodynamics of the rim in cross winds.

All Borg wheels are tubeless ready. VAR rim tape, VAR tubeless valves and VAR RP42500 tyre levers which are useful for getting tubeless tyres on are supplied. You can use inner tubes with normal clincher tyres too but a flat tyre lever is required like the VAR lever above.

IRC tubeless tyres fit BORG wheels and seat and seal with a track pump. So do Schwable Pro Ones. I have not tried others as the IRC tyres seem to be the best all rounders although the Hutchinson Sector 28's are quite appealing.

Sapim Triple butted spokes are used on the alloy rimmed disc brake wheels and the rear rim brake alloy rimmed wheels. The carbon fire rimmed wheels use Sapim CX-rays.This extends spoke life. I like spokes that outlive the wheel.

Miche hubs are standard fair for BORG wheels because they work well, don't cost allot, spares are readily available and reliability is up there with the best best on the market. 

The disc brake wheels have options for XD Driver, Shimano or Campagnolo freehub bodies.Also the disc brake wheels come with the parts to take Q/R skewers or 100x12 and 100x15mm front axles and 142x12mm rear. So the wheels will fit future bikes. As new standards become common place then Miche will bring out adapters for that. I would urge customers though to think about this when buying a new bike and make sure the standard is going to stick.

BORG carbon rims come with Campagnolo carbon brake pads. The BORG50 rim has a torodial shape making it very stable in cross winds and aerodynamic too. 

The wheels

BORG22 - All weather training wheels for rim brake bikes using a 700C, 24mm wide 22mm deep rim. If you need a wheelset for riding in all weathers then this is it. Rims are £35 when it time for them to be replaced. The hubs are easily serviced by the rider with 2x 5mm allen keys and a hammer and punch to get the bearings out. The big bearings means it is easy to press new ones in and the bearings are £12/pair. Freehubs £34 each. Simple reliable hubs. Dynamo options too for those the ride at night allot.

If you want a light alloy tubeless ready clincher then this is it without breaking the bank.

BORG22 (light) http://thecycleclinic.co.uk/products/borg22-light-tubeless-ready-wheelset. More of a summer wheelset really but again the hubs are simple to service. 

BORG22 disc - all weather disc brake wheels using a 700c, 24mm wide 22mm deep asymmetric that are tubeless ready and relaible. Wide rims with choice of freehubs and thru axle kit along with Q/R kits.

BORG22 Disc Dynamo - if you like riding at night with a dynamo hub then...

BORG22 100/135mm single speed wheelset - Some bikes have a 135mm rear end but are single speed. I don't mean old 26" MTB this will work in those bikes due to the rim size unless you use road tyres but this is for some single speed road bikes with a 135mm rear end. Surly hubs are used Disc brake and rim brake versions. 

BORG31 Disc - a semi aero wheelset for disc brake bikes using a 24mm wide 31mm deep rim.. Wide rims, Q/R and trhu axle kits, choice of freehubs. Reliable and very stiff.

BORG31 - a semi aero wheelset for rim brake bikes using a 24mm wide 31mm deep rim. Wide rims with a offset drilled rear, tubeless ready, aero spokes (triple butted ones on the back) and very stiff. Perfect even if you think you are too heavy for low spoke count wheels. these are built not to be light but to be reliable. That means stiff and this has a weight penalty but weight is still 1655g to around 1670g on average (bare wheels). The hubs means they can be ridden in all weathers with little maintenance. They make good wheels for racing too (because they are stiff and relatively cheap). 

BORG31 Light - a semi aero wheelset for rim brake bikes using a 24mm wide 31mm deep rim, that is light and stiff. The weight reduction is achieved but using Sapim CX-ray spokes on the rear wheel which are not as stiff as the CX-Force but the CX-Force wont mount in the MIche SWR hubs. Most of the weight reduction though comes from lighter hubs. These are a straight pull design though and are more expensive. Miche SWR and Carbon Ti X- hub road are used. The latter is the lightest but quite some margin. The Miche hub geometry means I would need to fit tubeless tyres to these in the shop and check spoke tensions. Once I have sent them out you will be able to fit any tyre you like once the IRC's wear out but since the IRC's are so good you'll be coming back for more. 

BORG31 Track/single speed wheelset - This uses the BORG31 rim, 24mm wide and 31mm deep and therefore lower spoke counts are just fine. Zenith single speed hubs are used in black. currently the listing only shows black hubs and spokes but silver hubs and spokes can be used. Simple a very stiff tubeless ready wheelset in fixed, double fixed or fixed/free form.

BORG 38 tubular. Some people want light and willing to spend alot to get it. Or you can spend alot less and buy these and take your family on holiday with the change and earn some brownie points. I am stocking to narrow rims for these to allow light 22mm tubs to be fitted. 

BORG50 - aero carbon clinchers with wide torodial shaped rims that simply perform as well or better than wheels that cost far more. Tubeless ready too. 

BORG 50 Tubular - If you like tubs and aero carbon rims then here they are. Light and 23mm wide so you have a choice of tubulars. the profile copes pretty well with cross winds.

BORG23 - A 650B or 700C/29er disc brake wheelset great for touring or MTB XC/all mountian riding. The rim has an internal width of 23mm so use this with wide tyres. The wheelset is supplied tubeless ready and if you are using MTB tyres then I would suggest IRC MTB tyres.

BORG29 - A 650B/700/29er wheelset for enduro, down hill, really wide tyres ..... It will take anything you want to throw at it. rim internal width is 29mm so this will take tyres up well quite big. 



Hello ,
how much kg of total weight are the Borg50C approved?
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Posted by Thomas Toennies on January 26, 2019

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