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25 Jul

Carbon spokes are coming of age.

Posted by Bold Apps

 Carbon spokes are pointless some say. Unreliable, expensive and dangerous. Well that may have been true in the past but there is a new product from Taiwan that's is changing that past.

Carbon spokes do offer advantages. They are light and dont fatigue like a steel spoke does. If a fatigue test was done they would last 10 times longer. Part of the issue in the past has been fixing the spoke to the hub. This new spoke has alumium ends and substainal ones at each end. One end is the thread and the other is a straight pull head. The wheel is then assembled and tensioned with internal nipples whilst holding the thread end with a spoke key to stop twist. This mean the spoke is not at risk of damage when building. So this is a wheel that repairable. A damaged spoke can be replaced easily.

These spokes are 1.2mm wide and 3.2mm thick. They are very stiff. They dont bend much at all.  This means they should not be interlaced. 

37 spokes weigh 106g with nipples.

The rim is 26mm wide, 19mm internal width and 50mm deep. Its 443g too. Its filament wound with a thicker spike niplle bed but thinner in between. 

The hubs are quite well made. They use 6803 and 6903 bearings. They are 3mpg for the pair and can only be used with these carbon spokes. I would however prefer my own hub based on the BORG2:1 hub as bearings will last alot longer and I get to use the hubs internals on a carbon spoke compatible hub. This means I will better able to ensure spare supply.

Wheelset wight is just over 1300g. 

The wheels built up easily. And took high loads when I stress test it. Any wheel that can take 600N of side load without going out of true even by a little bit is going to last 

IRC formula pro light tyres have been fitted with Maxalmi tubeless sealant. The wheels are in my Camapagnolo ex promotion bike. the first pedal stroke was a revelation.  Spokes that dont change length when the wheel is loaded make that wheel feel responsive. These are responsive. The braking is excellent too and a step up on  previous rims I have used or still use. 

More testing needed and more test wheels will be built. Plus I have money to spend on a new hub. 






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