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Product Image Bitex RAF12 or RAR12 bicycle road hubs

Bitex RAF12 or RAR12 light weight bicycle road hubs front or rear


Bitex RAF12 front hub or RAR12 rear hub are available in this listing. These are light weight and easy to service hubs ideal for racing use. Pick the front and the rear hub separately from the drop down menu. 
The hubs uses a cartridge bearings and these are light hubs with the front weighing 86g and the rear 215g. The freehub has 48 points of engagement thanks to 6 pawls (24T rachet ring and 2 groups of 3 pawls). The Cycle Clinic stocks replacement freehub bodies
Weight : 215g
Sealed Bearings / 4
Bearing size: 2x 6902, 2×6802
Bearing make: TPI
O.L.D : 130mm
Axle : Ø10 – A7075
P.C.D : Ø38.5 / 50.6
Spoke hole diameter: 2.4mm
Centre to flange: 16mm drive side, 37mm non-drive side
Cassette : Aluminium, 7075
Pawls: 6, 2 groups of 3

Engagement: 48pt


Weight: 86g
Bearing: 6900
Bearing manufacturer: TPI
CTF : 39mm
Axle : M9 – A7075
P.C.D : 31mm

Spoke hole diameter: 2.4mm

Light weight wheels can be built with these.

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