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Product Image Black Sapim Race double butted spokes MTB Road Hybrid 14g/15g stainless steel

Black Sapim Force triple butted spokes MTB Road Hybrid 14g/15g stainless steel


Sapim Force spokes are drawn from high quality stainless steel ensure high fatigue life. They have a 2.18mm diameter at the elbow and are butted to 1.8mm then 2.0mm at the nipple. 

When ordering please add the length you want at checkout. The Cycle Clinic is the only U.K shop that buy these spokes. I buy them for wheel building in bags of 500. listing all the different quantities and different lengths is more than I can handle.

These spokes are suitable for most types of wheel building and are commonly used in MTB (XC/FR/DH...), Road wheels, hybrid wheels..... Use Sapim Force spokes if a lightweight, reliable and stiff wheel build is desired.

All spokes come with 12mm silver Sapim Polyax brass nipples. Each spoke and nipple in 290mm length weighs about 7.57g.

Lengths stocked

  • 280mm
  • 281mm
  • 282mm
  • 283mm
  • 284mm
  • 285mm
  • 286mm
  • 287mm
  • 288mm
  • 289mm
  • 290mm 
  • 291mm
  • 292mm
  • 293mm
  • 294mm

Please contact me if you need advise on spoke lengths. Checking spoke availability is wise but I normally have good stock of these lengths given the number I have to buy.



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